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 Senshi: Sailor Venus

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Miss Moon Rose
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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Venus   Thu Oct 09, 2014 7:18 am

General Information

Name:  Minako Aino
Age:  13-25
Gender:  Female
Birthday:  October 22nd

Appearance:  Minako is often confused with Tsukino Usagi, because they both have extremely long, luscious blonde hair and beautiful crystal blue eyes.  Minako's complexion is pale, and her body is very slim and fit.  She is very much in shape, and is often eyed by men because of her long, slender legs and dazzling smile.  She is the second shortest member of the sailor senshi, standing at an average height of 5'2".  Minako always wears a red bow to pin back her long hair, and is mostly seen in her Shiba-Koen Junior High School Uniform.  When not in her uniform, Minako tends to wear the newest fashions, flaunting her perfect figure with all of today's newest styles.  She likes summer clothing most of all, especially shorts and camisoles, with the occasional t-shirt and sundress.

Personality:  This energetic girl has made a name for herself among her peers as ditzy, adorable, hilarious, and spunky.  She almost always has a smile on her face, and is never unwilling to share her happiness with the world.  She is very passionate about what she loves, and will always stand up for what she believes is right.  She is very outgoing and headstrong, and refuses to let anyone stand in the way of her getting what she wants.  She has a strange knack of finding out every little detail when it comes to other people's love life, whether they tell her about it or not.  Not only is Minako very flexible and agile, but she is also very athletic. She sets high goals and is very ambitious, especially when it comes to her dream of becoming an idol.  Minako loves to flirt, but has never gotten into a serious relationship.  When it comes to her duty as a sailor senshi, Minako takes her role as leader to the highest extent, and leads her friends with wisdom and strength.  Her ability to think on a whim and develop battle strategies is almost as perfect as Sailor Mercury's.  She puts the needs of others before herself, and will never turn her back on someone who needs her.  Her duty to her planet and her princess are always above everything else, and she strives to fulfill that duty every day.  This trait lasts all the way to her existence in Crystal Tokyo, where she serves as the graceful, responsible leader of Neo Queen Serenity's senshi.  Because of her many years of existence and experience, Minako develops a more wise, mature personality, and takes a lot of things seriously.  Her lighthearted, bubbly side only shows when she is alone with her friends, and even then she is still giving off an air of authority.

History:  A thousand years in the past, Minako existed as the Princess of Venus and head of Princess Serenity's guard:  Sailor Venus.  She watched over her twin-like Princess with love and care, and was rarely letting her out of her sight.  She cared for nothing more than the safety and happiness of her highness, and  worked hard with her senshi to ensure that.  Upon the time when Serenity started sneaking to the Earth to visit Prince Endymion, Sailor Venus began to follow her in order to be with General Kunzite of Endymion's shittenou.  She fell deeply in love with him, often sneaking away to have secret conversations and exchanges of affection with him.  However, when he turned on her and joined Queen Beryl, she vowed never to love again.  In her anguish, Sailor Venus was killed along with the rest of her senshi, soon followed by the Moon Princess and Earth Prince.  Queen Serenity of the Moon reincarnated them and locked away Queen Beryl and her followers, making it so that n they returned, Sailor Venus and the other senshi would be able to remember the past and fight the evil.  Reincarnated as Aino Minako, she grows to be a very clever and energetic young lady.

Special Abilities:  Minako is very good at sports, especially volleyball.  She has a beautiful singing voice and is a great dancer as well.  Because of her lineage to Venus, Minako can also see ties between soul mates.  

Senshi Information

Senshi Name:  Sailor Venus / Sailor V
Transformation(s):  Moon Power, Make-Up! (Sailor V, Age 13)
Venus Power, Make-Up! (Sailor Venus, Age 14)
Venus Star Power, Make-Up! (Super Sailor Venus, Age 15)
Venus Crystal Power, Make-Up! (Eternal Sailor Venus, Ages 16+)
Senshi Fuku:  As Sailor V, her "fuku" was composed of a white shirt and a dark blue pleated miniskirt.  The collar of the shirt was blue, with red trim.  Just below the collar is a red bow with a small golden stone in the center.  The area of the shirt below the bust is in a red-white-red pattern, with the left side being red, the middle being white, and the right side being red.  White shoulderpads are attached to elbow-length red and white sleeves, with a blue and red trim.  The skirt has a red trim along the hemline, and white gloves with golden trim are on Sailor V's arms.  Blue heels wrap around her ankles, and a white choker necklace with a golden crescent moon in the center adorns her neck.  On her ears are red spherical earrings, and a red mask covers her eyes.  A golden crescent moon is on her forehead, and her hair is held back by her trademark red bow.
Like most sailor senshi, Sailor Venus's fuku is composed of a white leotard and a short, pleated miniskirt.  Venus's miniskirt is orange, and the bow at the back is yellow.  The color of her collar is orange, with one white stripe along the edges.  Attached to the collar is a dark blue bow that has a yellow circular stone in the center, seeming to hold the bow in place.  The sleeves are practically non-existent, made from two thin white rings that are attached to the leotard.  White gloves extend to her elbows, trimmed by two orange rings.  The orange heels on her feet wrap around her ankles one time, making her legs seem even longer than they really are.  An orange choker is on her neck, and a golden tiara with an orange gemstone in the center is on her forehead.  A dark pink heart-shaped chain wraps around her waist, giving her fuku a unique flair.  Her trademark red bow holds half of her long blonde hair back.  
When in her super senshi form, the bow on Venus's back extends in length, and the yellow stone on the middle of her bow on her chest is shaped like a heart.
Weapons or Items:
Transformation Pen - An orange pen with a golden cap.  At the top of the cap is the symbol of Venus.  It is thrown away by Sailor Venus during the battle with Queen Beryl.
Star Power Stick - This item is mostly orange, with a crown on top.  The bottom of the crown is golden, while the top is orange.  Protruding from the crown is a golden star with the symbol of Venus in the center.  This transformation item is used all the way from after the Dark Kingdom to the start of the Dead Moon Circus Arc.
Crystal Power Stick - The "stick" part of this item is bubblegum pink, with a handle on the side.  A golden pair of wings extends from the top of the stick, and attached to the wings is a spherical orange orb.  Inside of the orb is the golden symbol of Venus, and on top of the orb is a golden star.  This transformation item is used from the beginning of the Dead Moon Circus (given to her by Pegasus) to the rest of time.
Chain - This pink, heart-shaped chain wraps around Sailor Venus's waist, and can be used for multiple purposes, whether it's attacking an enemy or saving an ally.
Holy Blade - This sword is sacred to the Silver Millennium, and is blessed by the power of the Moon.  Sailor Venus is the main wielder of this stone blade.  It is capable of cutting anything, even diamond.  It was crafted for the sole purpose of protecting the Moon Princess, so therefore that is what it is used for.
Communicator- This item resembles a watch with a large orange circular piece that takes the place of a timepiece.  The mark of Venus is on the front, and once opened, the voices of anyone who contacts Minako can be heard.
Guardian:  Mau Artemis

History as a Senshi:  At the age of thirteen, she is awakened by a white cat named Artemis, who tells her that it is her duty to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from impending evil forces.  Taking on the name "Sailor V," Minako fights evil and makes a name for herself in the public eye.  Video games, movies, and manga are made about her, and her good deeds are known by all.  However, when Sailor V reunites with Sailor Moon and the rest of the senshi, she returns to her original name, Sailor Venus, and manages to convince the other senshi that she is the reincarnated Moon Princess.  
Later, it is revealed that Sailor Moon is the true Moon Princess, and Sailor Venus takes back her position as the leader of the inner senshi and protector of Sailor Moon.  With everything sorted out, Sailor Venus and the senshi defeat multiple enemies, including the Dark Kingdom, the Makaiju, the Black Moon Clan, the Dead Moon Circus, and the Sailor Animamates under the control of Sailor Galaxia.  Minako seemed to have a short flirtatious relationship with Kou Yaten, a sailor senshi from a different galaxy, but other than that she never really had any personal relationships with a man.  

RP Sample:  Minako Aino ended the call with Sailor Mercury and tightened her jaw, inwardly sighing at the news of a new enemy.  She had been enjoying her afternoon practicing volleyball with her old teammates, and had wished for a day without any youma attacks.  But she had wished far too soon - she should have known that a break was no where near in her future.  
"Sorry everyone, I just got an urgent call.  I'll see you later!" Minako said, waving as she sprinted off towards the shopping mall.  She hated having to leave so suddenly, but her senshi needed her.
She was so tired of the fighting, of the constant protecting of her friends and her princess.  It was too much to handle, what with the ongoing surge of memories that were coursing through her brain.  Ever since seeing Kunzite the previous week while fighting youma, she had been suffering an endless battle with herself.  
As soon as she laid eyes on her former lover, the memories wouldn't stop.  All those evenings in the Earth Palace gardens, all those days training together, all the meaningful hugs and stolen kisses, the secret glances and knowing smiles; it was never-ending.
The blonde teen couldn't help but wish that she wouldn't have to face him again today.  She couldn't looking at him knowing that he had no idea of their past. He was corrupted by Queen Beryl and Metaria, and there was nothing she could do about it.
But perhaps...there was...
She had spent the last few nights wondering about the extents of the Silver Crystal.  Since its discovery the previous week, Usagi had seemed to gain quite a bit of knowledge and understanding about it.  Maybe, just maybe, Minako thought, she could use it to heal Kunzite of the darkness inside of him and replenish his memories.  
Ashamed at such a wild thought, Minako shook her head and skidded to a stop outside the shopping mall.  There he was, smiling malevolently as the senshi battled his newest youma.  The blonde girl watched as Sailor Mercury was tossed aside while trying to defend Sailor Moon, and anger began to boil inside of her.  
Lover or not, she would not let anyone harm her friends.  
"Venus Power, Make-Up!"

When prayers turn into promises, not even fate can stand in your way.

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Princess Serenity
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Princess Of Role Plays

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Venus   Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:50 am

looks very nice! very detailed and precise.^^ i'm gonna go ahead and approve this!

Signature by Neo Queen Luna
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Miss Moon Rose
Senshi Apprentice
Senshi Apprentice

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Venus   Thu Oct 09, 2014 11:19 am

Thank you!

When prayers turn into promises, not even fate can stand in your way.
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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Venus   

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Senshi: Sailor Venus

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