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 Court Intrigue - a 30th century Sailor Moon RPG

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PostSubject: Court Intrigue - a 30th century Sailor Moon RPG   Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:11 am

The year is 2912, and peace has reigned in Crystal Tokyo and throughout the Sol system for much of the past 900 years. ChibiUsa, now simply called Usagi, is now physically a teen and has taken up the mantle of Sailor Moon, which once belonged to her mother. But on the day of her Debutante Ball a group of strangers calling themselves the Arcana arrive to claim the ginzuishou as their own birthright. Is it possible their claims could be true? Meanwhile, a group of new Sailor Senshi based on Zodiac signs have begun appearing around town, but whose side are they on?

Think you've heard this story before? Think again.

Curse of the Moon Redux is a reboot of our original story. Though some of the original characters and plot points remain, you can feel free to create new characters and add to or change the plot as we go along. Make it your own.
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Court Intrigue - a 30th century Sailor Moon RPG

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