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 [AU]WIP: Bard Usagi

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PostSubject: [AU]WIP: Bard Usagi   Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:16 pm

Name: Ivory
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Class: Bard


Slender but toned build. Ankle length golden blonde hair usually done in two round buns on top of her head with a pigtail hanging from each bun, and bangs that are curled inwards. Blue eyes that at times seem very world wise and other times, very childlike. Is usually found smiling.

Typically is found wearing a white peasant shirt with puffy sleeves and pink ruffles along the top, pink ties in the front tying it closed at the top and gold twisting vine designs along the bottom. Wears loose off white travelers pants with a pink fading to gold half skirt and hardy white and pink leather boots with a pink belt around her waist, which holds the sheath for her small short sword. Also wears a brown worn hooded cloak with pink ties. Sometimes will tie pink ribbons or wear strands of pearls in her hair when she is performing. Almost always has a leather back pack on, which she uses to carry her possesions.


Ivory is a rather bubbly girl, a bright personality who always believes in the good of people. She tends to be clumsy, though she does have her elegant moments. When she is performing, she is peaceful and rather serene. She often enjoys the process of thinking up new stories to perform, though she pouts whenever she doesn't get as many tips as she hoped for. She also is a girl who very much enjoys a good rich meal, to the point where she saves a portion of her money up so she can order as much as she wants when she stops at a tavern, and to get a nice soft bed for a night. She often daydreams about what it must be like to be a noble or royal, to dress in fine clothes and never worry about food or a place to sleep.

History: For as long as she can remember, Ivory has been an orphan. She learned early on in her years about the different ways a street urchin can get food, sometimes having to steal it, which resulted in a lot of running. So she learned how to run very well. It was during one of her more honorable attempts of trying to perform for a few coins that an older woman took pity on her. She began visiting Ivory often, teaching her how to sing beautifully, and eventually she brought Ivory a harp that she taught her how to play. Ivory was ecstatic when she was able to play well enough to get a few coins, enough for a drink and a decent meal. But after she had learned how to play and sing, the older woman disappeared. She tried finding the woman, but was never able to.

So she built on her abilities, wandering all over the land, performing in towns whenever she can. She eventually got enough coin to buy a pack and other supplies, like a bed roll so she could sleep wherever she goes. She is currently trying to save up enough money to buy a small tent and a thick blanket, so it won't matter if it's cold or rainy, she can sleep happily any night. She doesn't approve of how Queen Crimson runs the kingdom, letting her Youma Knight's run rampant and terrorize the people. It was during one such occurence that she struck her harp, casting a spell that rendered the Knights unconcious. This shocked her immensely, never dreaming she'd have magical abilities, but she began cautiously practicing on her own. She eventually got to the point where she can heal small wounds, temporarily freeze someone or render them unable to cast magic, among other little things.

Special Abilities/Skills: Singing and playing her harp, Going unnoticed, Long distance running.

HP: 30

MP: 30

Attack: 15



Weapon(s): Small golden harp. Short sword with a white ribbon wrapped hilt and pink sapphire pommel on the end. Has a thin gold line running along the center of the blade.


Items: Bedroll and pillow- a simple sleeping bag with a cushion on the bottom that rolls up into a tight cylinder around the pillow. Very comfy

Cooking utensils- includings cooking pots, eatting utensils, and herbs.

Wineskin- Full of fruit wine. Mildly alcoholic.

Loaf of bread- Delicious crusty bread kept wrapped in a sack.

Chunk of cheese- Yellow and tangy, this cheese is very hardy and perfect for traveling. Kept with the bread.

Pastry- a delicious pastry filled with fruit, kept in a small box.

Torch- A piece of wood with the end soaked in kerosene. Can be lit to illuminate dark places.

Flint- A piece of metal that creates sparks when struck. Perfect for starting any kind of fire.

Elfin Elixir x 4- A mystic potion crafted by elves that heals all of one persons MP

Moon Nectar x 4- A special liquid distilled from moon rays. Restores 20 HP to one person.

Sage's Herb x 3- A root cultivated by a talented nature sage. Restores entire party's HP and MP.

Seed of Defense x 4- A small seed that increases defense by 5.

Seed of Attack x 2- a small seed that increases attack by 5.

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[AU]WIP: Bard Usagi

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