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 Michiru Kaioh//Sailor Neptune

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Founding Senshi

Founding Senshi

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PostSubject: Michiru Kaioh//Sailor Neptune   Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:58 am

Name: Michiru Kaioh
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 6
Age: Various
Birthplace: Tokyo Japan

Physical Description:

Michiru is one of the shortest out of the outer senshi but still a bit taller than most of the inner senshi.  Her sea green hair goes to her shoulder blades. Her hair is usually worn down and is wavy. she from time to time uses a simple black hair band to hold her hair out of her face. Her eyes are a deep blue that on a normal day have a soft quality to them and when she's fighting or someone has done something to upset her gain a hard edge to them. Her clothing always seems a bit on the dressy side her casual out and about clothing included. Usually she wears nice sundresses when the weather permits. Usually she pairs that up with flats but on occasion will also wear heels. Some other times though not very often she can be found in capries and a nice t-shirt with a pair of flats or if she felt like it heels. She will also wear nice blouses and nice skirts very often. though when it calls for formal attire than she can be found in nice evening gowns and almost always wearing heels. her clothing choices are always feminine and make her look even more graceful than she already does.

Michiru has a personality that tends to make people see her as cold. She's graceful theirs no doubt about that and it shows in the way she talks and acts. Michiru is so graceful that at times she seems cold and distant which causes a lot of people to be a bit uncomfortable around her. Michiru has many times been refereed to as a cold beauty though this is only what she shows the outside world. Michiru has only ever shown the outside world the graceful and polite violinist and painter. 

When people get to know the graceful sea beauty they start to see a completely different side to her. Those she's closest to see the warm and caring woman she is inside. Michiru has no problems with showing those she cares for just how much she cares for them no matter what happens. She's also a loving person who would do anything for those she cares about even give them the shirt off her back. She's also a generous person who has no problems helping those less fortunate than she herself is. most will also see that she cares a great deal for her family. If the need for her to ever hurt let alone kill Haruka were to arise she would never be able to bring herself to do it. And if something were to ever happen to Haruka by anyone elses hand she would go to great lengths to make sure whoever it is payed dearly for it. She is not a person to be crossed.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Her painting and music seem to be better than most peoples and just make people want to listen to her music or look at her paintings. She is also able to tell when somethings wrong just by watching the seas or hearing what it has to tell her


Michiru was born march 6 to parents who in the end really were not ready to be parents. Her parents would push her off on to someone else just so they would not have to care for her. Her life pretty much went like that until her Aunt and uncle came and lived with them. Her aunt and uncle would care for her while her parents went out and did whatever they wanted to do. Of course being as young as Michiru was at that time she automatically assumed her aunt and uncle were mommy and daddy. As such that’s exactly what the aquanette started calling them and it didn't help much that she got her looks from her aunt rather than her mother. When her parents found out about this they were quick to send her aunt and uncle away keeping them from being able to see her. Michiru was three at this point and didn't understand what was going on or who the strange people who kicked her “mommy” and “daddy” out were or why she wasn't allowed to see them. It would take several more years for the child to figure out exactly what was going on. When she turned seven Michiru stumbled upon her grandmothers old violin and started playing around with it finding it came naturally to her something she would learn about later on in her life came from her past life as Princess Neptune. When her parents heard her the only thing they could think about was the money that would come in if she were properly trained and were to go professional. As such she was enrolled into violin classes. Michiru took to the instrument quickly not aware of exactly why her parents paid for these classes.

When she turned thirteen she was finally signed and playing professionally going as far as to record her music. Though the company was not quite sure she was as good as her parents said she was. To their surprise she turned out to be much better. She quickly shot to fame around japan. It didn't take long for the young violinist to discover that all the money she earned was not actually being kept in a savings account somewhere as she had been told but that her parents were actually taking it all. Michiru started making sure she was able to get to her pay before her parents could deposit it into a savings account of her own. When she felt she had the money she ran away from home planning to not return. Michiru took everything she owned and went to her Aunt and Uncle who she had been in contact with behind her parent’s backs. Michiru was fourteen at the time and her move in with her aunt and uncle was not to be the last change in her life. Half way through the school year Michiru was attacked by a monster and was eventually awakened as Sailor Neptune. The senshi of seas fought on her own for a short time before she found and awakened her partner senshi Sailor Uranus. The two fought together eventually meeting up with the inner senshi and finding their talismans which they were the carriers of.

After this battle they adopted Saturn who had been reborn and raised her as their own. She and Haruka left Tokyo for a bit to spend some time with Hotaru as a family. Upon returning to Japan she and the other helped to fight against Nehelenia. Finally the fight against Galaxia happened and she along with Haruka and Setsuna attempted to keep the starlight’s away from Usagi. Eventually the four outer senshi went after Galaxia themselves. She really regrets turning against the others and "working" for Galaxia. Though the part she regrets the most was having to kill Pluto and Saturn. Though since the battle she has been happy to spend time with her family and work on her art and music.

RP Sample:

The beach had sounded like a great idea to her today. Setsuna was at the time gates for the day though wasn't telling Michiru what exactly she was doing. Oh the aqunette knew the green haired woman didn't need to tell her what she was up to. Hotaru was out with a friend so it seemed like the best time to get out of the house alone for the day. She had enjoyed the trip to the mall with her daughter but now she needed time alone. She had chosen a time when the beach wouldn't have many people around. She knew it was very unlikly for her to find the beach completely deserted in the summer but she could handle a few people around. No one was paying her any attention it was a usual site to see the graceful Michiru Kaioh standing at the shore line with the ocean water lapping at her legs.

This was calming to her and today was no different. The water took her mind off of everything that was happening around her. Unfortunately it couldn't take her mind off of everyone. Haruka seemed to be at the forefront of her mind the most anymore. She had been slightly irritated at the blond for like a week and only because she hadn't been informed the blond was leaving. Now she just missed her and could use the blond their right now. Luna had come to her a week before wanting to know if she could see anything in her mirror. The mirror wasn't showing her anything at the time she had looked for Luna. it would seem Ami had fought off a member of the court with Seiya.

The aquanette had her mirror in hand but her arm was hanging at her side. She looked down and the aqua colored mirror in her hand before lifting it in front of her face and looking into the reflective surface. Yea again black and than she was staring at her own face. She sighed quietly letting her hand fall to her side. She looked off into the distance lost in thought though never letting her guard down. She couldn't afford to let her guard down for one second not with a new enemy. Her hand instinctively griped at the handle of her mirror tighter. She could only hope to get ride of this enemy fast for the sake of Usagi more so than anyone else.
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Founding Senshi

Founding Senshi

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PostSubject: Re: Michiru Kaioh//Sailor Neptune   Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:58 pm

OK I think she done

Haruka  Siggies by Luna and Me Michiru 
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Chat Gardien de la Lune
Chat Gardien de la Lune

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PostSubject: Re: Michiru Kaioh//Sailor Neptune   Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:14 pm

Approved!! Keep in mind that we are starting with the inners about to graduate high school so you might want to make her age match that.

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PostSubject: Re: Michiru Kaioh//Sailor Neptune   

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Michiru Kaioh//Sailor Neptune

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