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 Senshi: Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Ready For Review)

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PostSubject: Senshi: Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Ready For Review)   Tue May 06, 2014 9:43 pm

General Information
Name: Makoto Kino
Age: 14-16
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 5th
Makoto is tall, 5’6”. She has long brown hair that almost always up in a ponytail. She has green eyes and always wears her pink rose earrings. Makoto’s school uniform consisted of a long brown skirt that falls below her knees. She also has a white shirt that, laces up in the front and a brown and white collar. Her school uniforms differs from the others due to the school being unable to find a uniform in her size. Makoto often wears a black long sleeved turtleneck and long green skirt. She also has a green long sleeved turtleneck and pink pants.
Jupiter: Green skirt, pink bow with a green button on the front, green and yellow collar. Rose shaped earrings and green lace up boots. She also has a green choker. Her tiara is gold and has a green gem. In the manga her fuku has a rose belt with potpourri. She also has white gloves with a green trim. After the super upgrade, Jupiter’s choker has a yellow star, her bow has a green heart, the shoulder pads become translucent and the back of her waist bow becomes larger.
In the Stars Arc, her choker became V-shaped. A five pointed star was on her front bow. Her shoulder pads were green puffs and her gloves were longer. Around her waist she had two ribbons, one dark gteen and the other light green. On her tiara she had green five pointed star and the earrings were green five point stars that dangled.
Princess Jupiter: Green Gown.
Makoto is very strong willed and independent. Due to the lost of her parents at a young age, she is very self-sufficient. She comes off as intimidating due to her height and strength. Makoto moved around from school to school due to fighting and people were reluctant to get to know her due to her reputation of being a delinquent. Makoto tends to act first and think later. She can also be direct when irritated. Makoto is also able to balance her toughness and elegance. 
Makoto is very kind and loyal. She can have the tendency to be boy crazy at times with various men reminding her of her senpai. She is taken aback when people are not afraid of her. For example when she first met Usagi, and Usagi comes right up to her with out any sense of fear or concern. Makoto also hates cheaters.
Makoto lost her parents in an airline accident and lives alone. She has a fear of planes due to this, though she was able to get on a plane to see the Three Lights. She was kicked out of several schools due to getting into fights before settling in at Juban Junior High where she meets Usagi. Makoto steps in and defends Usagi from bullies.
Makoto was revealed as a Senshi when she is approached by youma, once she discovered that she had been tricked, she takes her anger out on the youma and revealing herself as Sailor Jupiter.
Makoto loses her memory along with the rest of the inner Senshi. Makoto becomes infatuated with Ail, an invader to Earth. She is attacked by An and Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury come to her aid before she reawakens as Sailor Jupiter.
In high school she joins cooking and gardening clubs. Makoto dreams of opening her own bakery/flower shop and hopes to get married someday. Her favorite food is cherry pie, her favorite animal is a horse and her worse subject in school is Physics.
Special Abilities
Makoto is great strength and is good at sports, particularly martial arts and ice skating. She is also a very good cook. She tends to forget her own strength at times.
Senshi/Villain/Knight Information
Senshi/Villain/Knight Name: Sailor Jupiter, Princess Jupiter
Transformation(s): Jupiter Power Make up, Jupiter Star Power Make Up, Jupiter Planet Power, Jupiter Crystal Power Make Up
Weapons or Items: Transformation Pen, Star Power Stick, Jupiter Crystal
Thunder and Lightning Antenna – Attached to Tiara
Leaves of Oak (Manga only) – Given to her by Guardian Jupiter. Used to attack and destroy enemies
Rose Earrings – Thrown at enemies. They were able to wake Usagi up from Queen Nehelenia’s nightmare
Rose Belt: (Manga and PGSM) Never used as a weapon
Flower Hurricane (Manga PGSM) – flower petals swirled around her before attacking the enemy
Supreme Thunder – Her tiara would collect electricity and a lightning bolt will attack the enemy In the anime she would also cross her arms during the attack.
Supreme Thunder Dragon – A more powerful version of Supreme Thunder, in the form of a dragon.
Sparkling Wide Pressure –
Manga: she would hold her hands together and shoot lightening at the enemy.
Anime: A disc of electricity was thrown at the enemy
Jupiter Oak Evolution –
Manga: performed with the leaves of oak
Anime: She spins and leaves form and attack the enemy
Jupiter Coconut Cyclone (Manga) – electric attack while surrounded by wind
Participates in the Sailor Planet Attack and Sailor Planet Power along with the rest of the inner Senshi.
History as a Senshi/Villain/Knight
Sailor Jupiter was the princess of Jupiter during the Silver Millennium tasked with protecting the Moon Princess. Her palace is Io Castle. She is the third Senshi to appear after being attacked by a youma.
Jupiter is the strongest, physically of the Guardian Senshi Jupiter. Jupiter does not react well to being deceived in generally attacks in anger. Her attacks are based on her strength, electricity and nature.
In the manga Sailor Jupiter kills Nephrite with a lightening attack.  After her pure heart was returned to her, Jupiter attacks the daimon that held her and lashed out against Uranus and Neptune for tricking her. Jupiter gets in a fistfight with Uranus before finally being knocked out by her. Uranus and Neptune then realize how strong Jupiter is.
Jupiter is fiercely loyal the Sailor Moon.
RP Sample:
Makoto squinted in concentration as the final pink rose finally appeared.
“There, the last one.” Makoto set down the piping bag and wiped the sweat from her brow.
She had been baking all morning and this was the last cake. The grand opening was tomorrow morning and there was still much to do. Makoto had just put the cake in the display case when she heard a loud crash, followed by two loud voices.
“You need to be more careful! I told you that you were putting too much in there!”
“You were going too fast!”
Makoto smiled and wiped her hands on her apron. The greenhouse was small and sat behind the bakery. It was not much but it was hers. Makoto opened the door to find Usagi on the ground sobbing next to an overturned wheelbarrow with Rei standing over her yelling. Minako and Ami were looking on with exasperated expressions.
“It’s ok!” Makoto rushed over to diffuse the situation. She grabbed a small shovel and scooped the soil back into the wheelbarrow.
“Wait! Mako-chan! There is too mu-“
Ami did not get a chance to finish her sentence as Makoto easily lifted up the wheel barrow and walked it over the waiting plants.
“Nothing to it!” She replied.
Makoto smiled as her friends stared at her stunned. It has been a long journey but she was finally seeing her dream become a reality.

Signature by the one and only Luna!
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Chat Gardien de la Lune

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Ready For Review)   Thu May 08, 2014 1:07 am


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Senshi: Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (Ready For Review)

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