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 Courtyard Rules, Information, and Form

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Chat Gardien de la Lune
Chat Gardien de la Lune

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PostSubject: Courtyard Rules, Information, and Form   Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:53 pm

The Courtyard is where members' dreams to run their own business can come true! Members can open up their very own shop and sell a variety of goods by using the site's point system.

Examples of possible shops:
-Graphic Shops (avatars, signatures ect)
-Sprites Shops
-Art Shops (Drawing commissions, ect)
-Story Shops (Story commissions)
-Adoptable Other Character Shops

The possibilities are endless!  

How to Run A Shop:
To run a shop you must gain Pluto's approval. In Shop Requests Section you will fill out a form explaining the type of shop you want to run. Once you gain her approval you can open your shop up in the Members' Section.  There you will display your items you want to sell to shoppers.

How to Buy Items:
Each member can buy items from shops from using their Crystal Coins. What are Crystal Coins? Crystal Coins are points that members can earn from around the site. Once you find an item to buy and talked about it with the shopkeeper please create a thread in the Request Forms Section. You will submit a form requesting the item(s) you would like to purchase. Once you make your request I (Luna) will accept your purchase and deduct the amount of your total purchase from your Crystal Coins total. Then I will move that amount to the shopkeeper's Crystal Coins total.  

How to Earn Crystal Coins:

*Monthly Crystal Coins: Once a month an announcement will be made to receive 25* Crystal Coins. All you have to do is to check in by posting in the announcement thread.

*Raising in rank:

25 for gaining the Senshi Apprentice rank.
50 for gaining the Senshi rank.
100 for gaining the Super Senshi rank
150 for gaining the Eternal Senshi rank.

*Winning/participating in a game or contest or a special event: Staff members who host one of these events can give out x amount of Crystal Coins as prizes!

* Selling your goods: If you open a store you can earn x amount of Crystal Coins from shoppers.

*Following Our Tumblr: There will be a thread with our link to our tumblr page! If you follow it then post in the thread and tell me your tumblr name you shall earn 10 Crystal Coins!

As time goes on there will be new ways to earn Crystal Coins! I will update the list when that time comes.

When will my Crystal Coins total be updated?
Your total will be updated whenever I (Luna) or Pluto approves a request form. So shopkeepers will receive their earnings right off the bat!  For special events, games, and contests it will be updated once the host reports it to me. Basically your total will be updated throughout the week. If you ever seem concern about your total please post here. Or shoot me a PM.

Do I have to open a shop/buy things?:
No you don't! The shops are totally optional! It's just allow members to showcase their talents and have fun! You can just ignore your Crystal Coins total.

The Rules:
1. General Site Rules apply here as well.

2. Do not open up a shop without Pluto's approval.

3. Sell your items for reasonable amounts of Crystal Coins.

4. Shoppers before filling out the request form please discuss all deals with the shopkeeper. Once you gain the shopkeeper's approval you then can fill out the request form.

5. Shoppers if you bought a graphic or an item that can be shown off on the forum please do not use these items until your request form has been approved.

6. Please do not go crazy and spam threads to get crystal coins.**

7. Members can only run one shop this excludes physical shops. Yes, members can make a shop that sells many different types of items.

8. If your shop involves any work that does not belong to you please give credit to the original artist and/or ask for their permission if it's require. For example if you run a graphic shop and an avatar you made is from fan art.

Shop Request Forum:

This is the form you will use when making your own shop! Just post it in the Shop Submissions subforum and Pluto will look over it for you!

[b]Type of Shop:[/b] As in, what kind of shop are you going to open?
[b]How much will you charge?[/b] As in, how much are you going to charge for each item you will be offering? I'm asking this because we want to make sure that your prices are fair ^^
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Courtyard Rules, Information, and Form

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