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 MLP: Spike the Baby Dragon

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MLP: Spike the Baby Dragon Empty
PostSubject: MLP: Spike the Baby Dragon   MLP: Spike the Baby Dragon I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 09, 2014 12:25 am

Name: Spike

Age:2 years




Talent/Profession:Helping Twilight Sparkle as her official and best assistant ever.

Magic fire breath

Spike has the ability to transport scrolls back and forth between Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia, by means of magical fire breath. He sends notes by breathing magic fire onto them, blowing their ashes into the air. The ashes rematerialize themselves into notes after they arrive on Celestia's location. He sends multiple notes all at once , and transports tickets to the Gala . He does have his limits, though: Twilight finds him curled up on the floor, groaning and clutching his stomach, after Princess Celestia sends him too many scrolls.  Celestia comes to collect one of the scrolls herself, right as Spike is about to send it from the library's terrace.
Spike's fire has different effects on objects in different situations.  his fiery hiccups cause Princess Celestia to be showered with a large number of scrolls, which he can also do voluntarily.  he accidentally incinerates a book with a sneeze. He likewise incinerated a news paper during, after being startled. He has also used his fire to cook food.   Spike mentioned he was fireproof, but later, his spines were slightly burned by the wild dragon.

Spike digs up gems for Rarity. He uses several different techniques, including scrabbling at the ground with his claws, using the splay of his tail as a shovel, and bouncing on his tail like a jackhammer. The effort doesn't seem to tire him in the least.

Commentating and announcing

Over the course of the series, Spike has shown talent and enthusiasm for announcing at events. His first taste is in Fall Weather Friends where he commentates on the Iron Pony Competition, and he is quite disheartened when Pinkie Pie is set as the announcer for the Running of the Leaves. Fortunately she asks him to be her co-announcer, much to his delight. He continued this role in Suited For Success, where he emcees Rarity's fashion show. In Hearth's Warming Eve, he narrates the Canterlot Hearth's Warming Eve pageant.
Musical talents
Spike proficiently plays the piano for Pinkie Pie's musical number. Spike's "predecessor" in the 1986 My Little Pony movie plays the piano for one of the ponies' musical number as well. Spike is also seen playing a double-flute in Hurricane Fluttershy.
Spike can be heard humming the opening theme song in Griffon the Brush Off.
Spike is among the singers of The Heart Carol and The Flim Flam Brothers (song), but his singing voice is not heard clearly until The Failure Song, in which he sings backup for Twilight. He also sings in the Crystal Fair Song.

Dietary habits

As a dragon, Spike possesses an iron stomach and is omnivorous in the truest sense of the word. His love for eating gemstones is featured in several episodes. When he comes across buffalo, they show him great respect and feed him turquoises. Rarity takes him along for her gem hunt  with the promise of letting him have some of the gems she finds. Pinkie Pie forces a false confession out of him in Party of One by offering him a plate of gems and applying some duress on him; he is frightened because of her strange behavior, but happily chows down on the gems once Pinkie Pie is done interrogating him.  Spike enthusiastically runs towards Sugarcube Corner, leaving behind his own birthday party when Pinkie Pie informs that the Cakes had prepared a special surprise for him, in form of a cupcake made from sapphires.he wants to bake his gems into a cake, but every time he tries, he ends up eating them prematurely. he goes to a cafe with Twilight Sparkle and asks if they serve gems, but settles for hay fries. He eats doughnuts  while waiting for the ponies to conclude their night at the Grand Galloping Gala, and during Applebuck Season he even eats some bad muffins he dug up from the trash without getting any noticeable ill-effects, wherein said muffins had previously poisoned half of Ponyville.

Spike experiencing a stomach-ache after eating too much ice cream.
Spike's stomach does still have its limits. Taking advantage of Twilight Sparkle's distraction by the impending "disaster", Spike decides to eat an entire tub of ice cream. he consumes countless tubs of ice cream while Twilight Sparkle is trying to figure out this "disaster", even taking some with him while accompanying Twilight and Pinkie Pie. Eventually, he gets a stomach ache and, unable to move, having Twilight Sparkle carrying him on her back as they return home.

Spike has been shown or mentioned to be a good cook.  Twilight mentions Spike baked the cookies all the ponies liked. Spike bakes the food for Princess Celestia's party , mentions i that he fire-roasted the ponies' snacks earlier that day, and i makes and serves the tea and baked goods everypony eats while watching the dragon migration. However, he does a terrible job at baking an apple pie, burning it badly.

Cutie Mark (only for ponies): NA

Powers:Spike can send and receive messages through green fire. He can breath fire as well.

Physical Description: Spike is a purple and green baby dragon, standing around waist high on Twilight Sparkle. His eyes are green.
MLP: Spike the Baby Dragon Everyo10



Spike is occasionally sarcastic and sometimes laughs at others' misfortunes;, he comes up with nicknames for the ponies after their exposure to poison joke; Hairity, Rainbow Crash, Spitty Pie, Apple Teeny, and Flutterguy; however, he can't think of a nickname for Twilight Sparkle and says, "I can't even work with that." When the ponies leave, he finally comes up with the nickname "Twilight Flopple." he makes fun of Twilight's terrible nest-making and skating skills. However, he is very helpful and supportive towards Twilight. For instance, Spike is the only member of the main cast to take Twilight's concerns about missing a report to Princess Celestia seriously, unlike the other ponies. He is often defensive about his masculinity and dismissive of things he considers "girly," although his outward disdain is often a front. for instance, Spike scoffs at the idea of attending the "girly Gala gunk" throughout the episode, but he's overjoyed when Princess Celestia sends him a ticket at the end.
Spike is a fun-loving dragon: he enjoys the welcome party that Pinkie Pie throws for Twilight in and scarfs down candy in Nightmare Night.

Spike is quite relieved and excited to find Fluttershy unharmed after thinking she is in danger, and he hugs her enthusiastically. Spike, in spite of his usual confidence, can also be insecure at times, when he believes Twilight replaced him with an owl named Owlowiscious. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash point out to Twilight that he might be worried that Owlowiscious is going to replace him, but she dismisses this as "crazy" and presumes that "Spike knows he can't be replaced." Spike is sensitive to Twilight's concerns when she has a hard time coping with being tardy with her studies, and eventually contacts Princess Celestia to alleviate Twilight's worries., it is shown that Spike's greatest fear is not being useful to Twilight and, as a result, her sending him away.
Spike sees himself as athletic and smart;, when Twilight says to Rainbow Dash "just because you're athletic doesn't mean you aren't smart", he replies "yeah, just look at me", curls his arm and kisses his bicep. Twilight and Dash are not impressed by this display, and he irritatedly walks off.

He imagines himself to be a debonair knight in a fantasy suavely and easily defeating the Diamond Dogs to save his "Lady Rarity." He admits to Pinkie Pie, somewhat embarrassed, that "sometimes, when no one's around, I do this," then pulls up a mirror, flexes his arms, sticks out his chest, and says, "Lookin' good, Spike, lookin' real good", though he covers his face in bashfulness afterwards.

Generosity and greed
Spike magically matures through his greediness. At the beginning of the episode, he generously gives his highly-coveted fire ruby to Rarity, even though he was saving it for his birthday. At his birthday party, Pinkie Pie mentions to Spike that the Cakes have made a special gift for him, and he goes to Sugarcube Corner to collect it. On his way out he bumps into Cheerilee, who gives him an impromptu gift when she finds out it's his birthday.
Spike begins eliciting gifts from ponies for his birthday, which results in him growing into a gangly "teenager" by the next day. Twilight takes him to a doctor and then a vet, but both fail to diagnose him because they have no experience with dragons. She then takes him to Zecora who explains that his greed is making him grow into a monster. Throughout the episode he grows larger, and develops more lizard-like qualities, such as slit pupils and a long thin-forked tongue. Unlike most other dragons in the show, he does not possess wings, and his voice deepens while growing up; as a teenager he only stammers "Spike want!", and still later he is only roaring.

Adult Spike, turned monstrous by greed, according to Zecora, Spike kidnaps Rarity, wreaks havoc on Ponyville, and even gets confronted by the Wonderbolts, whose efforts fail to stop him. Rarity, not recognizing that her captor is Spike, admonishes him for his behavior. In the process, Spike sees that she's wearing a necklace with the gem he gave her earlier, and a flashback sequence shows him giving Rarity the gem in first-person. After the flashback he magically returns to his former size, which makes him lose his hold on the mountainside they were on. The two plummet to the ground, and Spike tries to confess to Rarity that he has a crush on her, but she stops him mid-sentence with a gentle hoof to his mouth and an affectionate smile. They're rescued by Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, and at the end of the episode Spike concludes that he'd rather be generous, because hoarding doesn't compare to giving.
However, while Spike has learned to be less greedy, he still has greed when gems are involved. when given the offer of petsitting Angel for Fluttershy, Spike takes up the offer for a gem of great size. Baking a jewel cake but running out of gems, Spike decides to get five other gems from his friends as payment for petsitting their pets while they go to the Crystal Empire. Eventually, Spike learns the hardship of not paying attention when taking his own responsibility after he slowly loses each of his gems. It is here where he learns not to be greedy when it comes to his favorite object, jewels.



As a filly in a flashback, Twilight is faced with an entrance exam for Celestia's School For Gifted Unicorns. The test involves hatching a dragon egg, one that happened to contain infant Spike. At first, she struggled drawing any trace of magic from her horn; however, the shock wave from Rainbow Dash's sonic rainboom triggered an uncontrolled unleash of Twilight's latent power, not only hatching Spike, but enlarging him into the size of an adult dragon, among various other sorts of mayhem. It took the intervention of Princess Celestia herself to calm Twilight and bring her magic under control. Spike's birthday also marks the anniversary of the Cutie marks the mane six got, as Twilight got her's when she hatched Spike's egg.
His egg is colored shades of purple in the episode, but in " he tells Fluttershy that he hatched from a "cute little purple-and-green egg". Their conversation starts after Fluttershy enthusiastically tells Twilight that she's never seen a baby dragon before, and she asks him to tell her absolutely everything about him.

Assistant to Twilight Sparkle

Spike, serving as Twilight's assistant, moves with her to Ponyville when Celestia orders Twilight to go for the Summer Sun Celebration. Twilight is slightly depressed, but Spike tries to cheer her up, telling her that the Princess arranged for her to stay in a library. Throughout the series he sends correspondence between Twilight and the Princess using his magical fire breath, helps organize and fetch books, reads and writes letters, keeps Twilight's checklists, and helps her practice magic. He usually is shown writing right-handed, although he is shown writing with his left hand. In one instance, he is "away on royal business", Spike finds Twilight her "old copy of Predictions and Prophecies", re-shelves Twilight's pile of books, and checks off items in her Summer Sun Celebration checklist. Spike got the scrolls from town-hall. He helps Twilight practice magic. Also, in the aforementioned episodes, Spike takes notes for Twilight and carries the books from the library.  Spike both offers the book "Super Naturals" and stays at the library to look for a cure to the ponies' "curse" while they go to Zecora's. he prepares a picnic entirely by himself, and later accidentally burns a book he was supposed to put back in place. He woke the next morning, on the stairs he had fallen asleep on, and claimed he had over slept. Then he ran to Twilight in a rush, listing a series of his "morning chores" while trying to make up for them. But then found out that Twilight had already assigned them to Owlowiscious. He tidies up the library He fills so many checklists that he gets a claw-cramp, and carries a broom at the library.
Spike also seems to act as a translator for Twilight, showing an understanding towards Twilight and a deeper intelligence than some older ponies have.

Filling different roles

Twilight arranges for Spike to care for Fluttershy's animals  in the ponies' absence. He also stayed in the house during to clean up the library.
Spike helps Cheerilee give out the awards for the talent competition.
Twilight dubs Spike "the new Rainbow Dash" i. She is fed up with her friends' negative behavior and chooses to give Spike the jewelry embodying the Element of Loyalty instead of searching for Rainbow Dash. Spike expresses his concerns that Rainbow Dash will "find out [he's] been impersonating her" and shudders at the prospect. At multiple points in the series, Spike is also shown to be an adept cook, baking and making dishes such as cookies and salads.


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PostSubject: Re: MLP: Spike the Baby Dragon   MLP: Spike the Baby Dragon I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 09, 2014 12:38 am


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MLP: Spike the Baby Dragon

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