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 (AU) - Warrior Makoto - WIP

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Sailor Saturn
Senshi of the Arts
Senshi of the Arts

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PostSubject: (AU) - Warrior Makoto - WIP   Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:15 pm

Name: Jade
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Class: Warrior
Jade is tall and slender. Her long brown hair is always pulled back in a ponytail and she brooding green eyes. Her face is normally has a stoic expression, Jade usually wears short black leather boots, her pants are a faded forest green color. Over her pants  she had black leather shin guards and matching gauntlets on her sleeves. On the side of her left boot, there is a small compartment for a dagger.  Jade wears a thin black long sleeved shirt. Over her shirt is gray leather vest. Resting on each side were scabbards holding her katanas. When not dressed as a warrior, Jade prefers to wear a simple dark green kimono.
Jade takes her duty as warrior very seriously and believes that there is no greater honor. While in the uniform of a warrior she conducts herself in a manner that is respectful. She speaks formally and is quick to the point. She does not joke around and can be impatient. Jade has a short temper and tends to use her strength over tact to get her point across. When she is dressed as civilian she is more relaxed and tends to joke around a bit more. She is friendly and fiercely loyal. She does not like to see those who are weaker than others being taken advantage of and is quick to defend them.
Jade grew up in a small mountain village ruled by a notorious warlord. When the village did not come up with enough money for this tribute, the warlord and his men descended on the village. Jade, nine year old at the time, and her father were returning from a trip when they saw that the village was under attack. Jade's father told her to stay hidden as he ran to find their family. When the warlord and his men left, Jade crept back to the village to discover that no one had survived the attack. Most of the buildings had been burned to the ground. She went back to what was left of her home trying to figure out what to do next. After a few hours, Jade heard a noise crept to the window. A couple of the warlord's men had come back to the village to see if there was anything left that they could pillage. They saw Jade and chased after her. Tired and scared, she fled to the mountains. Jade ran into another group and recognized them as the warriors who lived deep in the mountains and who had often visited the village. She told them what happened and the warriors went after the two men and took Jade back with them.

Jade was taken in by the family of the leader of the warriors. Jade was grateful for her new home but was not at peace. The leader saw that Jade had a lot of anger in her and decided to help. He began to train her as a warrior. He wanted to channel that anger and hoped it to use for good. Jade learned quickly and discovered that she had found her place. The training and ideals of the warrior gave her peace and sense of purpose. Jade was eager to learn everything that she could. Jade became one of the strongest warriors.
 Special Abilities/Skills: She has great strength and had great reflexes. She is accurate with throwing daggers and she very adept with the katana.

HP: 30
MP: 10

Attack: 38

Defense: 30
Magic: 10

Weapon(s) One dagger, two katanas

Attacks -

Signature by the one and only Luna!

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Princess Serenity
Princess Of Role Plays
Princess Of Role Plays

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PostSubject: Re: (AU) - Warrior Makoto - WIP   Mon Jan 26, 2015 12:32 pm

your magic stat is unfortunately wrong, that is suppose to be a number to reflects your ability to cast magic.

you are also missing your attacks and items categories. if Jade can cast a spell for lightning, the name of the attack, what it does and it's MP usage, it will go under attacks. please fix these missing details first and foremost, thank you.

Signature by Neo Queen Luna
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(AU) - Warrior Makoto - WIP

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