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 Ordering Merchandise through A deputy Service

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Sailor Jupiter
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Moderator Senshi

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PostSubject: Ordering Merchandise through A deputy Service   Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:53 am

so I have noticed much of this Sailor Moon Merchandise has to be ordered through a deputy service so rather than putting the info in each thread, I am putting the info here. Sourced from SailorMoonCollectibles.com

Where can I buy the new Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary merchandise from Japan?
If you’re looking for the new Sailor Moon 20th anniversary merchandise released in Japan during 2013 – 2014, check my complete shopping guide. It has links and prices listed. The shops listed in my guide are reliable and I’ve personally bought from them before. They also ship internationally.

How do I buy the new Sailor Moon merchandise on Premium Bandai?
Products this relates to: Sailor Moon disguise & transformation pen set, limited edition collaboration items, charms box set, etc. You can only buy directly from Premium Bandai if you live in Japan. If you don’t live in Japan you will have to order through a deputy service (kind of like a middleman). This is the deputy I use, I’ve been with them for years and they are very reliable. Here are the steps:

Sign up for an account
On the right where it says “Shopping (with a shopping cart icon)” select it
Choose “Other sites”
Item URL is the Premium Bandai order page URL
Item name is the Japanese name of the Sailor Moon item you can find on the Premium Bandai listing
Click “Access to shopping page”
In the note write down any specifications (size, colour, style, etc.)
Choose the photo of the item you want, it should auto detect the photos available
Submit your order
Wait for an invoice and pay with Paypal

Where can I buy Sailor Moon toys from the 90s?
My two favourite places are eBay and Yahoo Japan Auctions. I have a guide here on how to use YJA, and some eBay tips here. You can also follow the Sailor Moon Collectibles’ Facebook page, sometimes there will be a buy/sales/trade post up for everyone!

Where can I buy the 2012 – 2014 Sailor Moon GE merchandise?

Hot Topic
Disney World (Epcot)
Anime conventions

Hot Topic

Why don’t you have shop ‘ABC’/’123′/’XYZ’ listed?
I only recommend shops I’ve personally bought from and had a pleasant experience with. I can’t vouch for shops I’ve never used before because I don’t know their service or reliability. With that said obviously everyone is free to do as they like and buy from wherever, these are just my recommendations. In addition this is a fan website I run on my free time because I love Sailor Moon, it’s a one-person project, it’s near impossible time-wise to list every single online shop there is on the internet for every single product.

Where can I buy the new 2011 Italian Sailor Moon toys?
You can buy from Muscara. He is very reliable and reasonably priced, ships worldwide from Italy.

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Sailor V
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Senshi of Members

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PostSubject: Re: Ordering Merchandise through A deputy Service   Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:15 pm

Useful guide! I pinned it so it won't get lost. Smile

Siggie and avi by Puu! <3
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Ordering Merchandise through A deputy Service

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