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 Which Senshi Is Most Like You?

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Sailor V
Senshi of Members
Senshi of Members

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PostSubject: Which Senshi Is Most Like You?   Sat Sep 06, 2014 1:58 pm

I don't think we have a thread for this topic. So which Senshi do you relate the most with? 

I think I relate to Mako the most. I love cute girly things, but I like guy things as well. I love to wear pretty clothes and getting dressed up, but I hate wearing wake up. I also relate a little bit with Minako when it comes to her energy. I can get as hyper as her. XD

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Sailor Saturn
Senshi of the Arts
Senshi of the Arts

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PostSubject: Re: Which Senshi Is Most Like You?   Sat Sep 06, 2014 2:07 pm

Hotaru and Michiru. I always gravitated towards those two. Music wise I think I am like Michiru and I am bit of a loner like Hotaru. When I saw the both them I just immediately thought, someone I can relate too.

Signature by the one and only Luna!
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Sailor Uranus
Senshi of Graphics
Senshi of Graphics

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PostSubject: Re: Which Senshi Is Most Like You?   Sat Sep 06, 2014 4:17 pm

Haruka, no question. The confidence she has with the balance of masculinity and femininity. Growing up it's been me thinking Haruka is similar to me or I try to be like Haruka. So she was one of the influences on how I want myself to appear. Just need to find my Michiru.

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Sailor Pandabear
Super Senshi
Super Senshi

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PostSubject: Re: Which Senshi Is Most Like You?   Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:06 am

I am most like Usagi, Ami and Rei and Hotaru

- sometimes bubbly and friendly
- hot tempered. sometimes, i don't like guys
-book worm.
- well, i can be mysterious and strange. also, I have a medical condition that causes me to  be  socially impaired( slightly impaired( only very, very light slightly)).

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Sailor Mars
Senshi of Activities
Senshi of Activities

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Location : Canada

PostSubject: Re: Which Senshi Is Most Like You?   Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:32 am

I think I identify more with Ami. She's shy like I am loves to read, prefers to read than to go out lol.

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Eternal Senshi
Eternal Senshi

Posts : 525
Join date : 2014-06-10
Age : 46
Location : California

PostSubject: Re: Which Senshi Is Most Like You?   Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:45 pm

This is an easy question for me to answer.  I am undoubtedly most like Ami/Mercury.  These are just some of the examples why :
* We are both very intelligent and did very well in school.
* We both have a love of learning.
* We both wanted to get into the same career path as our mother (although we're different in which career path that is - hers is being a doctor, whereas mine is in the computer field).
* We both studied a lot in school, often to the point of neglecting to try to get more friends.
* We didn't have very many friends.
* We are both shy to the point of not wanting to start conversations ourselves.
* We both focus a lot on being polite.
* We both have one sport we focus on and excel at (although one difference is in which sport - she is into swimming, whereas I am an avid bicyclist).
* Both of our favorite colors are blue.
* Both of us have parents that divorced when we were young kids.
In fact, about the only major way that I am not like her is that I am not modest/humble.

I am also a lot like Hotaru was in S season.  I have been diagnosed with depression, which it seems like Hotaru had that year (true - she didn't show it when she was with Chibi-Usa, but she did show it at pretty much all other times).  Plus, neither of us are very good at face-to-face social interaction.

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PostSubject: Re: Which Senshi Is Most Like You?   

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Which Senshi Is Most Like You?

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