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 Senshi: Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh (Ready For Review)

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh (Ready For Review)   Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:47 pm

General Information
Name:  Michiru Kaioh
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 6th
Michiru is slim and is 5’4”. She has wavy teal hair that falls past her shoulders and deep blue eyes. She normally wears her hair down and occasional has a black headband. When she wears it in a ponytail it is usually tied with a red riboon. She is elegant and sophisticated. Usagi has called her the ideal princess. When attending Mugen Academy she wears a green and black plaid skirt, maroon shirt with a green and black stripped bow.
When not in school Michiru has a variety of outfits. She has a blue sleeveless button shirt that ties in the front, brown pants and a hat. Michiru also has a blue skirt, yellow shirt and a long sleeved blue jacket, a yellow kimono, and a light pink button up jacket with a belt.  Michiru also wears a periwinkle wrapped around shirt with a light pink wrap. She wear several dresses, yellow with a large collar, a white sleeveless dress with gloves, light blue with a dark blue belt and red with a white collar, buttons and belt. As Princess Neptune she wears a long sea green gown.
Sailor Neptune: Her choker, skirt, gloves, tiara gem, collar and heels are sea green. Her bows are navy blue. There are no stripes on her collar and her heels have crisscrossing straps. Her gloves only go midway up her arms. Her earrings are white studs. In Sailor Stars, her chocker had a star attached, her collar gained a stripe, the back bow was larger and lengthened and the front bow had a heart. She also had a translucent shoulder pad. Her earrings and gloves stayed the same. Her choker later changed to be v-shaped. Her belt had two black ribbons held together by a gold five pointed star. Her back bow was light green, her boots are knee high, white and had a sea green v-shaped border. The front bow had a green five pointed star and her gloves became longer. Her skirt was two layered, the top sea green and the bottom a lighter green. Her earrings were sea green and had dangling five point stars.
Michiru is patient, calm and polite. She is elegant , graceful, highly intelligent, and not very social and that is often interpreted as her being a snob.  She will open up to people if she chooses too.  She does not like to be patronized and does not react well to criticism. Though she comes off as aloof, Michiru is very kind and has a sense of humor, often teasing Haruka.  She is fond of the inner Senshi (in their civilian forms) and thinks of them as cute.  In the manga she can be vain and has a scary temper. She can come across as cold, ruthless and is focused on her duty as Senshi. She is willing to sacrifice anyone or anything in order to achieve her goals. This often led to clashes with the inner Senshi as she saw them as nuisance and did not agree with their methodology. Her arrogance and temper came through in that respect. In the anime she more of a flirt mostly with Haruka, though she did flirt with Seiya, an act she later claimed was to get information. Though she has a quiet nature she is very driven.
Michiru has no known family but is wealthy. Her memories of her life past life is vague. She knows that she has to find the talismans. She meets Haruka through a mutual friend Elza Gray. She knows that Haruka is Uranus but is immediately rebuffed. Michiru later meets Haruka again on a cruise ship and again tries to get her to accept her destiny. Michiru was immediately attracted to Haruka, before knowing that she was Uranus and even attempts to warn her that her life would change.
She later enters in a relationship was Haruka and they live together. Michiru cares deeply for Haruka and is willing to sacrifice herself and others in order to save her. She attends Mugen Academy. She is a member of the music club, swim club and also collects cosmetics. She dislikes sea cucumbers and her favorite food is sashimi. At first she is wary of Hotaru and once Hotaru’s identity’s is revealed, Michiru works to prevent her from awakening. After the defeat of the Pharaoh 90, Michiru and Haruka care for Hotaru for a short time before returning her to her father and leaving the city.
Later she, along with Setsuna and Haruka live together and care for Hotaru. She is suspicious of the Three Lights when they come to town, advising the inner Senshi, especially Usagi to stay away from them. She flirts with Seiya briefly causing a rivalry between Seiya and Haruka. She along with Haruka kept an eye on Usagi’s house to make sure that she was safe. During the battle against Galaxia, she joins with Haruka, Setsuna and Hotaru to fight together. After the defeat of Galaxia she is last seen with Haruka, Setsuna and Hotaru looking at the stars and saying that she did not wish for anything because she the happiest the way things are now.

As Princess Neptune she resides in Triton Castle.
Special Abilities: Michiru is highly intelligent, a talented painter, violinist and swimmer. She is pilot as well and owns a helicopter, in the manga it is called Kaioumaru. In her civilian form, Michiru shows that she has some precognitive gifts, often stating that “the sea is stormy” She is able to use the Aqua Mirror in her civilian form.
Senshi/Villain/Knight Information
Senshi/Villain/Knight Name: Sailor Neptune, Solider of Embrace, and Solider of Affinity
Transformation(s): Neptune Planet Power Make Up, Neptune Crystal Power Make Up (Manga)
Weapons or Items:
Lip Rod- Used for transformation
Deep Aqua Mirror – One of three talismans, used in Submarine Reflection attack, shows the truth. It has a golden handle and frame. The back of the mirror is a deep green color with the symbol of Neptune.
Violin –  Stradivarius worth five million dollars, is called the Marine Cathédrale used in Submarine Violin Tide attack
Deep Submerge – She raises her hands and a blue ball of energy shaped like the planet Neptune appears. She throws it towards her enemies looking like a giant wave.
Submarine Reflection - Sailor Neptune used the Deep Aqua Mirror to either reveal an enemy's weakness or send an energy blast.
Submarine Violin Tide (Manga): Uses her violin to send an energy blast at the enemy.
History as a Senshi/Villain/Knight
It is unclear when Sailor Neptune. She awakened without the help of the moon cats and woke through her dreams. It is believed that she could have awakened even before Sailor Venus. She appears with Sailor Uranus with the mission of finding the pure hearts that contains the talismans. They clash with the Inner Senshi on their methods. Neptune is cold and ruthless and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. She along with Uranus are reluctant to work with the Inner Senshi. They see them as naïve and a hindrance. Though at times they are forced to fight alongside them.
She along with Uranus and Pluto went up against the Inner Senshi when Saturn was discovered. It was there goal to destroy her before she had a chance to awaken. Neptune’s temper came through as the Inner Senshi continued to interfere. Neptune and Uranus’s identities were discovered by Eudial and they walked into a trap. They were captured and it was revealed that she and Uranus both had talismans. Neptune was trapped and Eudial was about to kill Uranus, before Neptune broke free, sacrificing herself. Neptune and Uranus are both revived and their crystal hearts are returned to them when Pluto reveals that she has the third talisman.
Once the Grail is revealed Neptune, Uranus and Pluto shift to finding the Messiah. They become aware of Hotaru and keep a close eye on her much to the chagrin of the Inners. When Saturn begins to awaken they try to destroy her. They are not successful. They tried to defeat Mistress 9 only to be stopped. She is horrified that Sailor Moon would give up the grail, believing that it was not hers to give. After the Pharaoh 90 is defeated Neptune and Uranus challenged Sailor Moon, doubting her powers. At the last moment Sailor Moon shows them her true power and she is satisfied that Sailor Moon is the Messiah and bows to her.
Sailor Neptune returns again when Nehelenia is freed by Galaxia. She and the rest of the outer Senshi help fight. They are more willing to fight along with the Inner Senshi but she is still unwilling to comprise the way she fights. For example when she ends up fighting alongside Mars against Nelehenia, Neptune is furious that Mars will not shoot despite Neptune being held by Nelehenia Neptune angrily reminds Mars of their mission. She is genuinely pleased when Mars does fire. Her admiration is short lived when she is captured by Nelehenia. Neptune is later saved by Sailor Moon after Nelehenia is defeated.
In the battle against Galaxia, Neptune does not trust the Starlights and becomes angry with the Inner Senshi’s willingness to work with them. She tries to explain that they are invaders from outside the solar system and that it was her job to protect them from that. She and Uranus were not happy with Princess Kakyuu’s offer to work together. Neptune and Uranus separate the Senshi from the Starlights.
In the final battle against Galaxia, Neptune, goes off to fight with Uranus, Pluto and Saturn. When they arrive the Inner Senshi were already gone. They made a deal with Galaxia and accepted her bracelets. They turned on Saturn and Pluto, sacrificing them in the process. Their plan backfired when they tried to attack Galaxia only to find out that she does not have star seed. The bracelets are taken away and Neptune loses her star seed and her life. Neptune fades away holding Uranus’s hand. She later returns after the defeat of Galaxia.
RP Sample:
The dressing room was spacious and overlooked the city. The scent from the pink roses, sent by Makoto from her garden, filled the room. Michiru sat at the vanity her giant case of makeup opened in front of her. Haruka was always baffled by the amount of cosmetics that she owned. It was a habit that she had for as long as she remembered. She looked through until she found the teal eye shadow that matched her already painted nails. She carefully applied it making sure that she did not get anything on her dress.
 Setsuna had designed a gown for her to wear for the event. The sea green satin dress had spaghetti straps and a thin silver ribbon as a belt around her waist. The skirt was flared and she wore matching satin slippers on her feet. The girls had sent her notes, wishing her well.
“Oh my…” Michiru frowned as she tried to decipher Usagi’s attempts at kanji.
Fortunately Mamoru or possibly Ami provided a translation on the back of the card.
“They will never change.” Michiru laughed as she read the note from Minako and Rei wishing her well and asking if she speak to a famous trombone player on their behalf.
“Even Hotaru.” Michiru shook her head as Hotaru’s requests mirrored Minako and Rei.
There was one last box waiting and she had saved that for last as it from Haruka. She opened it to find a necklace with an emerald hanging from a silver chain and matching earrings.
“I am almost ready!” Michiru responded to the knock at her door.
She quickly put on the earrings and necklace and picked up her violin. She carefully turned each peg and plucked the strings to make sure that it was tuned. Once she was satisfied she left the dressing room. She had dreamed of playing at the Musikverein in Vienna for years and now she finally her chance.
This was her first major concert since playing with the Three Lights. It seemed like a lifetime ago. The world was at peace, though she will always be on alert, she could not help it, it was in her nature, she was relieved to finally be getting back to what she truly loved. When the Musikverein invited her to play she could not say no.
Michiru stood in the wings and waited until they introduced her. She stepped out on the stage to a standing ovation. She smiled as she greeted the conductor. Michiru turned and bowed to the audience and scanned the crowd until she found the face that she was looking for. Haruka was sitting in a private box smiling down at her.
Michiru lifted her violin, placed it on her shoulder, settling on the chin rest. She lifted her bow and nodded to the conductor who lifted his baton. As soon as he lowered his hand, the first notes of Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto. Michiru was quickly lost in her own world. It was just her and the music. Everything was as it should be.


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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh (Ready For Review)   Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:57 am


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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh (Ready For Review)   Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:17 pm

Thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh (Ready For Review)   

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Senshi: Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh (Ready For Review)

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