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 A New Beginning

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Sailor Saturn
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Senshi of the Arts

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PostSubject: Re: A New Beginning   Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:24 pm


Melrose led Usagi through Boston. There were a lot of people on the streets between the regular traffic and tourists and Melrose kept checking to make sure that Usagi was keeping up with her. There was a bridal shop close to where they were going and it was not out of the way. Melrose led her to L'Elite Bridal on Newbury St. They waited for the crowds to clear before she pulled Usagi to the store shop window.

"This is the one." Melrose pointed at the dress in the window.

"Every time I walk by this store, I imagine what it would be like to wear that dress on my wedding day." Melrose said wistfully.

In spite of herself, Melrose found herself staring longingly at the dress. Getting married had never really crossed her mind. Given the circumstances, she really never had the chance to think about that. Melrose wondered what it would be like if she did have the chance to settle down. Perhaps someday but now she had to focus on her mission.


"He will be fine." Felix said dismissively as Zena inquired about the now unconscious engineer.

Felix's brow furled as he listened to Zena. He did not anticipate that she would need this much at once. Given her powers it would make sense. He could not figure out how long it had been. Felix knew that he needed to do something quickly or it would go badly. Felix went over to Zena and brushed her hair away from her face.

"Take my hands." He said.
He knew that he was taking a risk but it was the only solution at the moment. He did not want to risk drawing attention to them. Felix knew that he could function on low energy but he hoped that it would be enough that she could manage.

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Sailor Jupiter
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Moderator Senshi

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PostSubject: Re: A New Beginning   Fri May 01, 2015 9:45 pm

Usagi's eyes widened in excitement, she had been dreaming about her wedding day. She was still in high school, but she still wondered if Mamoru was going to ever ask her to marry him, yes they were destined to be together, but the sentiment of the proposal and the wedding. She looked at Melrose and said "it's a beautiful dress and I am sure you will find someone to wear it for someday. I hope that I can find a dress as beautiful as that one someday." Usagi took one last look in the bridal shop window before continuing to walk with Melrose.

Zena glanced up at Felix her eyes holding a hint of fear, not of Felix, but moreso of herself, she didn't know what was going to happen, but she knew Felix was looking out for her. She took his hands, lightly lacing her fingers with his. She closed her eyes for a minute as she allowed Felix to give her some of his energy. She was happy he couldn't read her thoughts because she was so nervous. When she took his hands she felt electricity travel down her spine to her toes. She felt her energy rising more quickly in a matter of seconds. 

When she felt her energy levels rise she let go of his hands but still kept her focus on him. Her memories from the night before were starting to come back more vividly and she clasped her hand to her head, and pulled her knees to her chest. She glanced up at Felix and asked, "does it always come back this fast?" She asked referring to her memories from the night before.

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A New Beginning

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