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 Senshi: Palla Palla/ Sailor Pallas

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Sailor Jupiter
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Moderator Senshi

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PostSubject: Senshi: Palla Palla/ Sailor Pallas   Mon Apr 28, 2014 1:37 pm

Name:Palla Palla
Birthday: 3/28


 Palla Palla wears a blue leotard with small yellow frills at the bottom. She also wears blue tights. She has blue hair which she has pulled in a bun. Palla Palla also has 4 ponytail like hair coming down near her face.

In Senshi form palla has a white leotard with blues in her skirt and white boots and gloves. Her jewelry matches her fuku and is in the shape of a star. She still adorns the same hair style. She has a blue choker. Her bow is dark blue with a lighter blue five point star in the center. Her sleeves are round, white, and puffy (like a cotton ball). She has white knee-high boots with a light blue V shape border and a five point star at the top. Her tiara also features a five point star.


Palla Palla is very childlike and playful. She wants to play with the other amazonness sisters, but they don't want to play with her. Palla Palla is very bubbly, but when she is not happy you know it. Palla likes to use people as the toys she plays with. Palla Palla was a crybaby, despite being the 2nd oldest in the quartet. It took some persuading for Pallas to help fulfill a mission. Pallas would also refer to herself in the third person. Pallas also used magic more than any of her sisters.

Palla started off working for the Dead Moon Circus for Zirconia and Queen Nehelenia. She was to capture the Golden Mirror, for the keeper of the Golden mirror held Pegasus in her heart. Palla Palla was unsuccessful. While Palla Palla and her sisters were playing, they woke Nehelenia. After this Nehelenia gave them stones with powers to keep them young forever. Later after Pegasus was captured, Palla and her sisters were given a choice to either keep their stones and stay young, or destroy their stones and become adults. Surprisingly, they all (Pallas included) decide to destroy their stones and become adults.

Special Abilities
Palla Palla is an acrobatic balancer, she can use magic. She has the ability to swap bodies (usagi and chibiusa change up)

Senshi/Villain/Knight Information

Senshi/Villain/Knight Name: Sailor Pallas
Transformation(s):Pallas Crystal Power Make Up!
Weapons or Items: I found attacks- amazonness jungle arrow- used as a group attack with other quartet members and Pink Lady's freezing kiss which is also used in a group attack, but it is used with chibi moon this time.
Attacks: (all made up here) Star Illumination Blast- delivers a 5 point range of chilling pain to a villain- freezing him/ her in place.
Palla pounder punch- delivers knockout punch to villian (but in a graceful/ sophisticated manner)
Guardian (if needed):

History as a Senshi/Villain/Knight

In the manga adaptation Palla Palla and her sisters become the Sailor Quartet (small lady's senshi) and are to protect the future princess/ queen of the moon. The quartet become senshi thanks to Saturn for saving them from Nehelina and NQS for reviving them and giving them a "new start." But the girls will not be awoken until need be. In the anime Palla and her sisters do not become senshi.

Other: Sailor Pallas is only seen in the manga and the Dracul arc of the Myu's

RP Sample:
Palla Palla was playing with her dolls on what seemed to be just another ordinary day. Juno came in and asked her what she was doing. “I am playing doctor Jun Jun, want to play too?”  I don’t have time to play, the green haired sister said, Zirconia wants to see us and he’s not too happy. Palla Palla put her things away and went to see what cranky old Zircie wanted this time. Palla Palla didn’t like having someone like Zirconia giving her the rules.
Zirconia informed the girls of their newest target for the dream mirror. They were to go after a young boy (he looked about 10 or 11 maybe to Palla Palla, who thought the brown haired boy was a major cutie.) She had her own ideas on how to steal his dream mirror, and maybe a few others while she was at it.
Palla Palla set off to Juuban Municipal Primary School disguised as a transfer student. When she arrived in class she introduced herself to the brown haired boy.  “Hello” she said, “my name is Palla. “ He looked at her and said “whatever, why should I care new girl.” This made Palla sad and angry at the same time. She wanted to take his dream mirror right then and there, but wanted to wait for just the right moment to take as many dream mirrors as she could hoping to find the golden mirror that holds Pegasus.
Palla learned that the young boys name was Shingo Tsukino. She watched him like a hawk during class. When she went out to recess, Palla Palla played on the swings. “Are you new here” she heard a voice ask. She turned to see a girl on the swing next to her with pink hair. “Am I that obvious” Palla asked. “ Just a bit,” the pink hair girl said smiling . “My name is Chibiusa Tsukino”  she said while extending her hand to Palla’s. “ It’s nice to meet you.”
Palla Palla shook Chibiusa’s hand and said it’s nice to meet you too, my name is Para Nakamura, and my family and I just moved here from Osaka. (Palla was good at coming up with stories on the spot.) The two played together until it was time to go back to class.
Palla went back in still plotting how to steal Tsukino Shingo’s dream mirror, but was also happy she made a friend (a friend who was related to Shingo). Palla decided she would make her attack at lunch recess when no one would suspect a thing.
The kids filed out of the cafeteria to the playground. Palla was waiting on the blacktop for them. When all the kids saw her standing there, they gathered, curious as to why she was there in the first place. When Palla saw all the kids around her, she knew the time was right, but had to play with them just a bit. “ Hi everyone, I bet you are wondering who I am, well my name is Palla Nakamura and I just moved here with my family and I was hoping we could all play together and be friends. “ The kids all started to laugh, especially Shingo. Palla noticed that her new pink haired friend Chibiusa was the only one not laughing.
“No one, well then “Palla said as she transformed into quartet form, “too bad because I have some really fun games to play with you.” She summoned her magic ball and threw it against the building and it bounced back, and projected all of the kids dream mirrors, except for the pink haired girl, who was the only one who showed Palla kindness, that, and the girl was nowhere to be found.

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Sailor V
Senshi of Members
Senshi of Members

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Palla Palla/ Sailor Pallas   Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:09 am

Very nice! ^^

For her transformation phrase I would just use Pallas Crystal Power Make Up. I don't think it was ever stated what the Quartet's phrases are. 

Other than that you are good! Very Happy

Siggie and avi by Puu! <3
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Sailor Jupiter
Moderator Senshi
Moderator Senshi

Posts : 1383
Join date : 2014-03-28
Age : 28
Location : Transylvania

PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Palla Palla/ Sailor Pallas   Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:34 am

thanks V will edit that now and finish reading the RP before jumping in.

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Palla Palla/ Sailor Pallas   

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Senshi: Palla Palla/ Sailor Pallas

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