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 SENSHI: Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus [Approved]

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PostSubject: SENSHI: Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus [Approved]   Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:12 pm

General Information

Name: Haruka Tenou

Gender: Female

Birthday: January 27th

Age: Varies

Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Used Canons:
Anime and Myu. Also this Haruka is heavily influenced by headcanons that do not mess with the canons, but further develop her character. General headcanon history will be written in the history and in the storyline specific sections of the application.

Physical Description (include clothing generally worn):
Haruka is a tall and very athletic woman. She measures up to being 5’ 9”. She is often mistaken for a boy because of short sandy blonde hair and has green eyes that sometimes appear teal color. Some of her favorite outfits are: a dark blue button down, white pants, light blue overcoat, and a gold necklace, another is a black shirt, gold cross, and yellow suit, the last out she can often be seen wearing is a medium dark blue button down shirt, light blue pants, and a tan overcoat with shades of blue on the coat collar. Occasionally she will wear black pants, sandals, and a white button down shirt with a red bandana tied around her left upper arm.

Haruka is a strong-willed, stubborn, and protective person with a side of doting occasionally. She’s also rather flirtatious with other girls especially with the Inner Senshi. Most of the time Haruka uses her cockiness, flirting, and “playboy” attitude as a mask to keep people she doesn’t trust away from who she is as a person. When it comes to people she cares about she can be really protective to the point she is brash and view everyone as an enemy, but that’s how she shows she cares is by challenging others to prove their worth. This is heavily noted whenever it comes to her princess. On top of being a very loyal and dedicated soldier for her princess, as a civilian she has been known well to dot on her daughter, Hotaru.

Michiru was the first to see past Haruka's mask while she was struggling about her destiny of becoming Sailor Uranus. Once Haruka and Michiru became partners as senshi, they were rarely seen apart from each other. Always together. Haruka later came to learn that in their past life with the Silver Millennium they were also lovers than and it was destined for them to meet again in this lifetime. Haruka would give everything up to be with Michiru. As Michiru once said before, "A world without [her], wasn't a world worth saving." The same was applied to Michiru if Haruka was put in that position. Which she had at least once when Michiru was turned into a vampire. She was willing to fight Michiru to save her and if she did kill Michiru, she would have joined her shortly afterwards.

Haruka is willing to make ultimate sacrifices if it meant saving the world and protecting her princess as could be seen when she and Michiru were in search of the talismans, stopping the awakening of Sailor Saturn, Galaxia, and when Michiru was turned into a vampire. She was even willing to sacrifice herself before being transformed into a vampire as well.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
She is fairly good at figuring out people from all the people watching she did as a child with her father. This helps her deduct if someone is worth letting in or not. Haruka was the fastest track runner in junior high, but quick when she became Sailor Uranus. She's also a races with cars and motorcycles. Haruka is also a pianist and sometimes accompany Michiru whether for a professional concert or for a school event.

Also because she is the soldier of the wind, Haruka has the ability to hear and feel things in the wind that other are not able to, such as the shift in the wind gives the omen presence alerting her of an enemy.

Haruka comes from a new money family on her father’s side and an a somewhat old money family on her mother’s side. While born into a rich family, Haruka was raised in a mediocre lifestyle by her parents who would do almost anything to help Haruka reach whatever dreams she might have. She learned to play the piano from her mother. Her mother passed away due to an illness when Haruka was ten and had since had an estranged relationship with her father since they didn’t know what to do after losing someone they cared about. When Haruka was thirteen she began taking care of herself more from the money her father provided for her until she became a junior racer.

While in junior high school Haruka was introduced to her partner, Michiru, through a mutual friend, Elsa Gray. Haruka didn’t speak much to Michiru until turning down an offer to be a model for one of Michiru’s paintings. It wasn’t until her henshin stick appeared before her did she start understand the dreams she had about the silence and the end of the world while she was attacked by a daimon. During this incident was when Michiru revealed herself to Haruka as Sailor Neptune. Michiru as Sailor Neptune had been the girl who Haruka had seen in her dreams asking for help with the coming silence. After Michiru was injured protecting Haruka from the daimon, Haruka then had a choice to accept her destiny and become Sailor Uranus or not. She accepted.

From then on Haruka has been partners with Michiru searching for the three talismans that could only come from pure heart crystals. In the end, they were the carriers of the talismans that belong to them from their past lives and had to sacrifice themselves for their talismans to appear. Thanks to Setsuna, their pure heart crystals were able to return to them. Their mission was later shifted to stopping Sailor Saturn from awakening and destroying the Earth as they searched for the true messiah. Her cold exterior and protective front soon dropped when Sailor Moon had proven to be worthy as her princess and being the true messiah. Upon accepting Usagi and the other girls, Haruka and Michiru left Tokyo.

As time went on from the defeat of Pharaoh 90, the rebirth of Hotaru, and a small “vacation”, Haruka and Michiru later returned to Tokyo to help the other senshi fight Queen Nehelenia and later Galaxia. She had grown to be more protective of Usagi since accepting the girl as her princess. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna had moved in together to raise Hotaru as a family. Haruka’s betrayal along with Michiru, although with good intentions, is one of Haruka’s biggest regrets that she wishes to never have to repeat again. Because of her betrayal it’s even harder for her now to keep Usagi and the other girls out of trouble if an enemy arises that only the Outers could handle, such as Death Vulcan.

It was also due to the events with Galaxia, did Haruka finally decide to put more of an effort into reconnecting her father. Very little progress has currently been made between the two, but she is trying harder than she had in the past.

Storyline Specific Information:
Haruka could fit in nearly any storyline. Since her anime and Myu canons are still intact while there is more background to her civilian life.

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Uranus, Super Sailor Uranus

Senshi Fuku: Navy Blue, White, and Gold.

The parts to her fuku that is Navy Blue are her choker, bow broach, skirt, heeled boots, gem on her tiara, and the cuff of her gloves. The gold part of her fuku was: her front bow, tiara, earring (later earrings). The white of her uniform was the overall base and her gloves. As Sailor Uranus, her choker was plain, her bow broach was a simple circle broach, she didn't have the extended skirt bow ribbons, and she wore one loop earring on her left ear. With her upgrade to Super Sailor Uranus, thanks to Hotaru's power, her choker gained a gold star, her bow broach changed to heart shape, skirt bow ribbons were added, she now wore a loop earring on both ears, and she gained translucent sleeves.

Henshin/Transformation: Uranus Planet Power, Make-Up!

Powers: World Shaking and Space Sword Blaster

World Shaking: Uranus lifts her right hand into the air while she calls the name of her attack as a orange-yellow energy ball forms in her hand. She then clenches her fist and slams the energy ball to the ground as it’s shot towards her target. The energy moves creating a small earthquake effect before lifting off the ground and hitting its target.

Space Sword Blaster: Uranus uses her Space Sword for this attack. Her sword that is normally a red blade glows gold as she sends energy slashes towards her target from the gold glowing energy that forms around the blade.

Weapons or Magical Items: Space Sword, Communicator, and Henshin Stick

Space Sword: A red bladed sword with a gold handle. It’s sheath is silver encrusted with several gems such as sapphires and rubies. It can be used for her attack ‘Space Sword Blaster’ or as an actual sword.

Communicator: Disguised as a watch with the symbol of Uranus on the communicator cover. She used this primarily when she was fighting the Death Busters with Michiru before they found the talismans.

Henshin Stick: What she uses to transform to Sailor Uranus.

Guardian: N/A

RP Sample:
Haruka uncaringly waved to the waitress acknowledging the other woman’s greeting. She walked to the last table in the back of the cafe. If she was going to be spotted and possibly recognized she was going to spot them first. This was why she would never sit close to the door or with her back to the door.

One of the waitresses walked over to take her order. Naturally Haruka couldn’t pass up the opportunity to flirt with the poor girl. The waitress left Haruka’s table with a goofy smile and heavily blush. Haruka looked out the window to see the rain was coming down even harder. She groaned internally. While she looked around the cafe she realized that there was one other customer.

What caught Haruka’s attention was the other woman’s uniquely colored hair. Aqua. It wasn’t every day she saw someone with that unique hair color. Before she knew it, she fell into an old habit of hers. People watching. Or “critter watching" as her father and her like to call it. Just sitting wherever and watching the people around them and trying to figure out who they were as a person and what they probably did for a living based on their appearance. Sometimes she and her father came up with various stories about these people based on their appearance, attitude, and their actions.

With this woman Haruka thought of a mermaid. Maybe one of the mermaids that would have possibly known the Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen’s story. Or possibly this girl was the Little Mermaid. Though she couldn’t imagine this woman having a tragic ending like that. Her mind began to imagine more about the woman in front of her and taking notice that their was a violin case next to the woman. Her image of a mermaid came back to her, but instead of having an enchanting voice, this mermaid has an amazing gift of being a violinist.
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SENSHI: Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus [Approved]

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