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 Random OC: Kyle

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Senshi Apprentice
Senshi Apprentice

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Random OC: Kyle Empty
PostSubject: Random OC: Kyle   Random OC: Kyle I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 21, 2014 10:30 pm

((After some polish on the character, I decided Kyle cannot be left out of Rehyan's life, as the guy's Rehyan's only hope when pure power just doesn't cut it.))

Name: Kyle Sanders
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian, ginger
Birthday: February 4


He's redhead, green eyed behind his glasses, dresses in a red jumpsuit and carries around a computer and a large backpack that carries lots of gizmos. He's kinda chubby and seems the stereotypical nerd.


He's all the opposite to Rehyan: calm under pressure, able to understand people's feelings and is always eager to get in Rehyan's adventures, no matter what the danger is, yet he does it mostly to help others, including Rehyan, to make all the universes shine.


Kyle is the youngest son of Sunflower Town's Police Commissioner. His mother died when he was little thanks to a robbery that happened at his home. His father became overprotective of him, and wanted him to be smart and have a shining future. He became interested in humanities and science, also having a weak spot for comic books. His well intended nature got him in some troubles of people taking advantage of him, putting him into lots of troubles his first years.

He met Rehyan at a detention group (he was there for getting in a fight with some bullies) after the Rehayanovitsevichs moved into the town and became his best friend, as they shared common views of the world. He may not like the way they get forced to work sometimes, several times going by the "shady" way, but he's true to his believes that worlds are always meant to go to the light, yet dark must be kept on check and not forgotten or exterminated because it will never happen.

Special Abilities:

He has the ability to retain knowledge fast, hinted to be an over human comprehensive capability. He not only can adquire knowledge faster, but he can also apply them, becoming the brains of the duo. He's also the heart, as he's the one that keeps Rehyan in the right place.

Additional Information:

Kyle is smart and he devised several artifacts to help him work around. For example, he managed to alter a writswatch to include a tracer pulse circuit that would teleport him to Rehyan's position when Rehyan uses his newly discovered Megaversal Wave; the watch reacts to it sending an alarm, Kyle just has to press a button to magnify the wave and be teleported next to Rehyan. The wristwatch also allows him to follow Rehyan when he teleports, working as a stabilizer for the megasonic travel. It works just by mechanics but as a fan of comics he wastes no time on use Rehyan's mantra "Invasion Out!" when using it. He

RP Sample:

Kyle looked at the cell where the Sailor Senshi were. He had been looking the guards, hoping for a moment they were alone. He knew Rehyan was busy with the monster in the arena and he was confident that the mutant was gonna make it. Once the watchmen move from their position, he braces himself for the action. "Okay, here goes nothing..." He approaches to the cell block as silent and stealthy as a fat teenager in a red jumpsuit can be. That may not be much, but it may be just enough for now. He pulled out from his backpack a kind of weird gun and shoots up. The gun, reminiscent of Batman's Grappling Hook, shoots a grappling line to the top of the castle, where it latches.

Nobody seems to notice it, as they seem to see Rehyan mopping the floor with the youmas queen Nehellenia keeps sending to him. He notices it, thanks to his super senses, but he makes no gesture that he got something. Hurry up, Kyle, he thought, these guys are making me hard to focus on not destroy it all...

Kyle took advantage of the hook's little motor to get the ascending smoother, but he got it hard to climb nonetheless. "One of this days... I'll get on a regime", he mutters under he breath as he reached the bars of the dungeon's hallway. There he saw more guards and thirteen young ladies in their combat suits encased in crystal cages that seemed to be de-powering them. "Holy... I need a shot." He grabs a strange looking gun, that seemed to be like the phasers from Star Trek, and shoots at the wall, which slowly begins to melt. His hand is getting tired of holding his weight and was about to let the grappling hook go when the hole was week enough for him to pass by. He made a swing and passed through, slamming his body over on of the cages' bars.

Sailor Venus, the senshi in said cage saw him and the guards surrounding the downed man and made her best to shoot a Crescent Beam, but it was useless. Her power was totally depleted and she was barely able to stand in foot.

The youma guards grabbed the guy and summoned a crystal cage to put him in, but then a strange high pitched noise filled the air. Kyle was awake and sporting a pained face while the rest of the people in the place were suffering a music induced headache. Kyle revealed he was A) wearing earphones and B) holding a strange recording device that was playing the sound. With some tweaking in the device's knobs, Kyle was making a noise that seemed to break the crystal cages.

Back in the arena, Rehyan smiles, not even looking pained from the noise. "Bravo, partner..."

Kyle saw the chance when the crystals broke and the cages fell apart. He grabbed them and shouted loud. "NOW, MATE!" Rehyan, focused and generated a teleportation warp to a certain region, which made Kyle's watch react. Kyle was assuring all the girls were piled up and grabbed Mercury's hand while hovering his right finger on the watch's red button. The light in it was blinking until suddenly the air behind Rehyan began to shine and the light in the watch got fixed on.

"INVASION OUT!" Both invaders shouted, with Rehyan extending his arms and Kyle pressing the button. Suddenly both of them were out of the castle in a flash of space-time breaking light, taking the 13 sailor senshi with them. Nehellenia was shocked, rose from the seat and shouted a big "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" to the skies.
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Sailor V
Senshi of Members
Sailor V
Senshi of Members

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Random OC: Kyle Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random OC: Kyle   Random OC: Kyle I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 12:11 am

Very nice! Approved!

Random OC: Kyle Vgift10
Siggie and avi by Puu! <3
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Senshi Apprentice
Senshi Apprentice

Posts : 139
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Random OC: Kyle Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random OC: Kyle   Random OC: Kyle I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 7:19 am

Thanks a lot. Sending the playroom version.
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Random OC: Kyle Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random OC: Kyle   Random OC: Kyle I_icon_minitime

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Random OC: Kyle

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