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 Senshi: Sailor Vesta / VesVes

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Vesta / VesVes   Fri Dec 20, 2013 11:27 pm

General Information

Name: VesVes
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Birthday: Unknown


VesVes is the youngest of the Sailor Quartet. However, no one would guess that from the way she looks. She is tall--about as tall as CereCere, if not taller. Her skin is almost as dark as JunJun's, giving her a rather tanned look. Her facial features are rather sharp and foxlike, giving her a sly and cunning look (though she is definitely not the cunning type). Her eyes are scarlet in color, and she is rather skinny. Her hair is just as scarlet as her eyes, with a bit of an orangeish tint. Incredibly long, her hair is styled rather peculiarly. All of it is gathered at the top, and held in place by four gold bands beaded with rubies. After the fourth band, it is tied together by a brown string, and the very tip of her hair hangs out of it like a lion's tail tuft. Instead of earrings, plastered on her ears are gold platelets. These really serve no purpose other than decoration.
In canon, VesVes is usually seen wearing one of three outfits. The first is a very long sleeveless red shirt, with red armbands, white sneakers, and a very short pair of white shorts with red trim. The next is very similar: a red long-sleeve sweater with the same shoes and shorts. And then there's her Circus outfit, which she would not be caught dead in during the future. It's a very skimpy two-piece. The top half is black with red trim, and only covers her breasts. It is linked to a black choker around her neck by two thin, silver chains. The bottom piece is also black with red trim, with a red skirt sprouting from it. Her leggings are scarlet in color. She also wears gray spiked shoulder pads, black wristbands with red trim, and golden tribal-looking sandals.


VesVes is the youngest of the Sailor Quartet, in addition to being the most rebellious, stubborn, brash, and even a bit violent. She's always quick to raise her voice and make a big scene if she doesn't get her way, though she does it with yelling instead of crying. Easily angered, she has a sort of "kick-butt" attitude and is always wanting in on the action. In fact, she sometimes makes the action if things start to move slowly for her. She has little to no respect for authority, and is quite the rebel, seeing as she goes far enough to attack Zirconia for no reason other than believing she could run the Circus better. She has a bit of a playful streak, believing all play and no work. She even has some kindness inside of her, and while she'll never admit it, she cares more about her "sisters" than anything else in the world. She's incredibly protective of all of them, and if you hurt any one of them, you'd better be prepared to be on the receiving end of her full-blown wrath. If not prepared, then too bad, 'cause she'll give it to you anyway. The Beast Tamer of the Dead Moon Circus shows no mercy to her enemies.


VesVes used to live in the Amazon jungle with her three "sisters", CereCere, JunJun, and PallaPalla. There, the Quartet dreamed of living a long and happy childhood, since they believed that childhood dreams can only be achieved while still in childhood. However, what they did not know was that they carried the power of the planets, and would awaken sometime far in the future. however, while they did not know this, the evil Nehellenia sensed their power and gave them their Amazon Stones, which let them keep their dream of an eternal childhood. In exchange, they would do her bidding and work for the Dead Moon Circus. The Stones corrupted their minds, turning them evil and heartless, until the Sailor Senshi came along. At first, they attacked each other. The Quartet targeted Sailor Venus and the rest of the Inner Senshi, but the Outer Senshi came to the rescue. When Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon chased after them, the former recognized their power, and said they were just being corrupted. The Quartet was about to redeem themselves when the angered Zirconia trapped the six girls inside a mirror. Eventually, when Sailor Moon rescued them and defeated the Dead Moon, Saturn kept the Quartet safe (they had been trapped inside their stones). Then, Neo Queen Serenity blessed them with her power, and they became the Sailor Quartet: the Senshi of the future, with VesVes being Sailor Vesta.
They bid farewell to the others, but eventually returned to the past along with Sailor Chibi Moon to help Eternal Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Chibi, and Sailor Kakyu defeat Galaxia. Vesta helped save the odd trio from Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, and was there to witness Kakyu's death by Sailors Phi and Chi. She, along with the other four future Senshi, was quickly felled by the Planetary Senshi, who had been corrupted by Galaxia's bracelets. However, she along with Sailors Ceres, Pallas, and Juno was revived by Sailor Cosmos and, after a long talk with the mysterious new Senshi, was sent back to the future.

Special Abilities

As a side effect from coming from the Dead Moon Circus, VesVes is incredibly quick and agile, able to jump long and high distances. She has no qualms about running across something such as a balance beam fifty feet in the air. She also has the rare and unique ability to start an argument with an empty room.

Senshi/Villain/Knight Information

Senshi/Villain/Knight Name: Sailor Vesta
Transformation(s): "VESTA ASTEROID POWER, MAKE UP!"
Weapons or Items: Her henshin stick is mostly a scarlet red-orange color. The handle is that same scarlet, with tiger stripes running across it. The tip is the shape of a tiger's head with its mouth wide open and breathing fire. On the top of its head is the scarlet stone of Vesta, with the symbol of Vesta glowing yellow-orange as she shouts her transformation phase.
She also carries a whip, and sometimes uses it outside of her Searing Whiplash attack. However, during the said attack is the only time the whip catches fire.
During her time as a Circus performer, she used her scarlet Amazon stone to summon youmas and for her orb attacks. It was the thing that bound her to the circus, and after smashing it in the anime, she became free. In the manga, she was trapped inside it until Sailor Saturn and Neo Queen Serenity freed them.
Guardian: n/a

History as a Senshi/Villain/Knight

Unlike the Planetary Senshi, the Sailor Quartet had no life on the Silver Millennium. Instead, they were sealed inside their stones, only to be awakened in the very distant future. However, Nehellenia sensed their power, and awakened them early. They became the Amazoness Quartet, and fought against their future allies. Finally it seemed like they were going to repent on their own, when Zirconia trapped them inside their stones. After Sailor Moon defeated Nehellenia, she and Sailor Saturn freed the Quartet, who informed everyone that they were actually Senshi. They returned to their slumber soon after.
As they said, their true awakening was far in the future. Due to Galaxia's invasion in the past, all the Senshi in the 30th century started to collapse. Chibi Moon saw this, and grew very concerned. After NQS allowed her to go, she transformed into her eternal form, and the Quartet somehow awakened as a result. Vesta was among them.


The New Era- Vesta, along with Lady Serenity, Haru, and the other Asteroids, sets out to defeat the youma that's holding the Inner Senshi captive.

RP Sample:

Thirty more minutes to go. Already, VesVes could feel herself slipping in and out of consciousness. Not that she was in trouble. No, she was just exceedingly bored. It was the last class of the day, and the last day before break. This class was her least favorite subject: Math. And to make matters worse, their teacher (whom VesVes liked somewhat) was out sick, so they had to call in a substitute. Unfortunately, this substitute, while she did know math, was boring. She just droned on and on about math all class period in the same monotonous voice. VesVes had the feeling that this substitute could even make a discussion about animals (her favorite subject) turn tedious.

The redhead repeatedly checked the clock, fidgeting in her seat when she saw that only one minute had passed since she last checked it, which had seemed like hours ago. It was enough to slowly make her fall asleep. If anything, she was rather surprised that the substitute didn’t call her out by now—she wasn’t exactly seated in the back of the classroom. She tapped her fingers against the desk, tried to pay attention to the lecture (but nearly passed out when she did), and overall just tried to keep herself awake. Finally, she just gave up, closed her eyes, and rested her head on her desk.

“That’ll be the last one, then,” the substitute teacher suddenly said, her monotonous drone changing into a screechy, witch-like cackle. VesVes instantly froze, not daring to look up. Her heart pounded in her chest and her breathing pace quickened.

“Now to harvest all of their souls to feed the Lady of the Night!” the substitute-youma declared.

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, VesVes thought, still frozen where she sat. None of her friends were in this class, and if she tried to call them on her communicator now, without her transformation, there was no telling what the youma would do. She couldn’t even see the thing, much less know what it was capable of! She needed a plan, and fast.

Slowly, something came to her. It wasn’t much of a plan, but at least it was something. Making it look as though she was doing this in her sleep, she slowly slid off the chair and fell on the ground. Hesitantly, she opened one eye slightly, and instantly saw the youma.

It was dark, it was grotesque, and it was…disgusting. VesVes was surprised that it didn’t have an odor, especially since it just looked like a sparkling female zombie. The sparkling part normally would have amused her, but since the situation was so dire and the rotting flesh element of the youma was so prominent, she was more scared than anything. She squeezed both of her eyes shut and tried to discreetly reach for her henshin stick. Finally, she felt her fingers come into contact with the cold metal of the stick.

As fast as she could, VesVes rolled out from under the desk, raised her henshin stick, and cried out, “VESTA ASTEROID POWER, MAKE UP!”

In a flash, Sailor Vesta now stood in the classroom, ready for action. Now she got a full view of the scene. Every single one of her classmates was asleep, and glowing in different colors—probably because they were getting their souls stolen.

The youma stood in the front of the classroom, right where it had stood before. It hissed like a cat when it saw Vesta.
“You know, being a boring teacher is one thing,” Vesta stated firmly, her hands on her hips. “But literally boring a class to death is just too low! I will not stand for it! I guard the Asteroid of the Sacred Hearth, and I also stand for animals of all types, as well as troubled math students everywhere! Senshi of Fire and Fauna, I am Sailor Vesta, and in the name of Vesta…” She pointed dramatically at the youma and lowered her voice to a dangerous snarl. “You shall burn.    
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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Vesta / VesVes   Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:29 am


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Senshi: Sailor Vesta / VesVes

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