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 Senshi: Sailor Star Arrow/ Chiyo Kou

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Princess Serenity
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Princess Of Role Plays

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PostSubject: Senshi: Sailor Star Arrow/ Chiyo Kou   Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:13 pm

General Information

Name:Chiyo Kou
Age: 15
Gender: female
Birthday: January 18th

Appearance: slender and rather lithe body build, about 5 foot and 2 inches. Bright silvery white hair that goes a few inches past her knees, it is usually done in a thick braid with the end looped, and a smaller brain wrapped around the crown of her head. Bangs swept out of her face. Pale violet eyes similar to her sister Diana. Has a golden crescent mark on her forehead. Usually wears a golden star on a thick black cord around her neck.

Will usually wear light clothing made of flowy materials. Does not enjoy wearing anything short sleeved. Prefers skirts over pants, and enjoys wearing a dress on occasion if she doesn't need to do anything strenuous. Prefers yellows, golds, and anything glittery. Her formal outfit consists of a sleeveless golden dress with cowl neckline and a black belt with a crescent moon clasp on it around her waist. Attached to the belt is a long sheer yellow skirt with gold glitter on it. She also wears detached gold sleeves with a diamond pattern on the top and bottom sides, with swoops of the same sheer glittery material as her skirt forming loops under the sleeves.

Personality: Chiyo is as bright as the glitter she enjoys wearing, with no hint of her mother Yaten's seriousness, though she did get her determination. Instead, she is very much her father's daughter. She often feels out of place with the other children on Kinmoku, so thoroughly enjoys the time she is able to spend with her father Artemis on Earth. She gets along well with the other girls, especially Venus' daughter when it comes to having fun, though she really doesn't like going to the beach! She'd rather go to a nice indoor pool, where she won't get sunburned and there isn't too much water.

She gets along especially well with Pluto's daughter and Luna's daughter, who are fellow Mauians. And when it comes to training, she would much rather do it in some kind of fun way than serious training. And she's constantly trying to make her daddy proud of his little senshi daughter. She has occasionally met her sister Diana from the future, and is a little unsure of what to think about her, though she openly admits the kitten is quite sweet. Very rarely, Chiyo suffers a little territorial jealousy over having to share Artemis with Diana, though it's mostly when she's going through her heat cycle.

History: Chiyo came into being due to Galaxia fiddling with the Galaxy Cauldron, which began combining the senshi's starseeds to create new ones that became children. As such, she is the daughter of Yaten Kou and Artemis, though the two had never really met. Yaten was surprised when she found out she was pregnant, and looked for the answer well into her pregnancy. It wasn't until she heard from the Sol senshi that they had gotten pregnant as well that she relaxed. She assumed it was the daughter of one of the other starlights, whom were the only senshi she'd been around. Imagine her surprise when Chiyo was born with a crescent moon mark!

Chiyo was quickly established to be the daughter of Artemis, which proved a relief to Yaten who feared having the child of the royal moon family, which would feel like pedophilia, or would result in horrible jealousy from Seiya. Chiyo was quite normal, aside from the fact she had a tail during her childhood and would occasionally turn into a kitten whenever she got too stressed. However as she became a teenager, she quickly got her abilities under control, which was lucky considering that was around the time she first transformed! Being the daughter of a Mau advisor and a Starlight, she gets most of her power from Yaten and not much from Artemis.

Special Abilities: Archery, reading, gymnastics and climbing.

Senshi/Villain/Knight Information

Senshi/Villain/Knight Name: Sailor Star Arrow

Transformation(s):Arrow Star Power , Make up!
Weapons or Items: none

History as a Senshi: Chiyo transformed into a senshi about the time she was 13. because the only senshi influence she has from her parents is her mother, she is essentially the purest Starlight child of the 3 starlights, though she does gain some influence from her father, resulting in the unique coloring of her leather fuku and the presence of crescent moon marks. As a senshi, she's weaker than her mother though seems to have the potential to become just as strong, if she would train hard enough. But she prefers training with others, and in a fun manner rather than serious.

She is able to use bow and arrow based attacks, along with a mixture of starlight and moonlight energy, though this is harder for her to do right now. In battle, she generally prefers to be in the background, taking down enemies with her excellently aimed arrows. When she becomes more experienced, she will be able to manipulate her arrows to cause different effects, such as blinding or paralyzation.

Other: none yet.

RP Sample: Chiyo smiled excitedly as she pressed her face up against the window of the ship. She was trying hard to see the place they would land, and to get her first glimpse of her father and his friends. She loved coming to Earth! The culture was so different and so much more relaxed than Kinmoku! She had changed out of her Kinmokuian fashion well before the ship even left, in anticipation of her visit. It was so much fun, because when she came to visit, her father would stay in his human shape along with his girlfriend Luna and they would live together in an apartment, donated generously by the growing idol and owner of her father's cat form, Minako Aino.

The other women were okay, though Chiyo best loved having her father to herself. Even though she was fast blossoming into a young woman, she would sometimes miss having her father tuck her into bed and read her a funny bedtime story. Luna was sometimes a problem, though Chiyo couldn't understand why she glared so sharply at her father and mother. What was her problem? She had tried asking the other parents, and even some of the children, but the only answer she would ever get was vague ones about past feelings being hard to get over. Though the problem with the olden Mauian woman was quickly forgotten as she saw green trees and grass, and a glimpse of a long white haired man.
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Chat Gardien de la Lune
Chat Gardien de la Lune

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Star Arrow/ Chiyo Kou   Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:31 pm

Is this ready for review?

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Princess Serenity
Princess Of Role Plays
Princess Of Role Plays

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Star Arrow/ Chiyo Kou   Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:09 pm


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Founding Senshi

Founding Senshi

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Star Arrow/ Chiyo Kou   Thu Nov 28, 2013 11:22 pm

OK it looks good so I'm gonna mark it as accepted (I got beaten to asking about it)

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PostSubject: Re: Senshi: Sailor Star Arrow/ Chiyo Kou   

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Senshi: Sailor Star Arrow/ Chiyo Kou

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