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 Darya (Ready for Review)

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Sailor Saturn
Senshi of the Arts
Sailor Saturn
Senshi of the Arts

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Darya (Ready for Review) Empty
PostSubject: Darya (Ready for Review)   Darya (Ready for Review) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 11:38 pm

General Information:
Name: Darya
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Birthday: unknown


Darya is 5’6’’, slender with pale skin and emerald green eyes. There are faint tattoos of a small eye on the inside of both of her wrists and on the back on her neck which she always hides.. She has long red violet hair that falls to her waist. Her hair is a single braid for a majority of the time. She wears mostly wears black pants and red lace up boots. Her shirts are mostly varying shades of red. When she is not wearing long sleeves she wears red violet gloves that go up to her elbows. She also wears a long black hooded cloak. Darya also has a red diamond shaped amulet that sits on a silver chain that she never takes off.

Personality: Darya is stoic and can come across as cold. She keeps to herself, does not trust very easily and does not let many people in. She can be impatient and short tempered at times. If she is crossed she does not forgive. Once she does open up to people is protective and fiercely loyal. She is very warm and caring but it will take her awhile. She does not like talk about her past and becomes very resistance when asked. Darya has a dry sense of humor and is funny once you get to know her. She is very determined and focused. She is also very skilled with blade and takes that very seriously.


In a forgotten time, Darya was one of four powerful sorceresses chosen by Elen the Creator of All Things, to watch over the world. Each sorceress was given an area to watch over and a palace to rule from. Darya, gifted with the element of fire, ruled the East. Elen showed no favoritism towards the four and stayed out their way and allowed them to rule as they saw fit. He listened to their debates and judged fairly.

For centuries the Four ruled peacefully. Until three of the sorceresses decided that Elen was holding them back and wanted more. They approached Darya to join with them and when she refused, the tattooed her to remind her that they will always be watching. When Darya returned she warned her people of coming invasion and tried her best to prepare them.

The people of the East fought but even with Darya’s power they were not able to withstand the combined forces of the three sorceresses. Darya begged Elen to intervene but he did not respond. Darya’s land was destroyed and her people scattered. A few stayed behind to give Darya a chance to escape. Angry and exiled, Darya tries to stay out of reach of the three sorceresses who are hunting her. Darya has vowed revenge and goes in search of Elen to see why he abandoned her. She promised the survivors that she would bring them home.

Special Abilities:

She can create and manipulate fire. Her amulet is the main source of her power. If separated from it her abilities are diminished though she is still able to use them.

She is skilled at using a sword.

RP Sample:

Darya get her head down and picked up her pace trying to decide what her next was going to be. She regretted not meeting with her contact but it was too risky. The assassin that the Three had sent was already waiting at the meeting point. Her contact was with either already dead or soon would be. This was the fourth assassin in a month that the Three had sent after her. The previous three were found in various states.

The small port city was in a middle of a festival and it would be easy to blend in with the crowd and slip away. She did not think that the assassin would risk revealing themselves in the middle of a large crowd but she knew that the Three were getting desperate.

Darya stopped short and slowly turned her head to the side. There was one man standing on the outer fringes of the crowd watching her. Their eyes met and he quickly looked away. Darya followed his gaze and saw an identical man. The two men nodded at each other before making their way towards the crowd.

“Twins.” Darya muttered to herself.

Darya pushed her way through and headed towards the band that was playing by the fountain. The crowd was condensed and it would be difficult for the assassins to try anything without exposing themselves. Darya knew that they would want to be subtle.
The assassins were good, better than the previous ones. Within moments one of the twins was behind her. They were good but too close. She did not have eyes on the other twin but knew that he had to be close by.

“The Three sends their regards.” A voice whispered in her ear.

“I wish that you would be able to tell them the same.” Darya reached behind her and grabbed the man’s wrist.

The man’s yells were lost within the cheering crowd. Darya dropped his wrist and walked away. It took a couple of minutes before anyone noticed the man on the ground holding his badly burned arm. By the time the screams began, Darya was half way out of town.

Darya slowed down when she reached the forest. The assassins would not be following her now. There was no way that crowd would let him walk away with that injury. She made her way through the thick trees following a path that she only knew. Hidden deep in the forest was a small one-room cottage where she had been staying for the past few months.

Locking the door behind her, Darya removed her cloak and hung it up on the hook by the door. Darya removed her gloves avoiding looking at her arms. She sat down in front of the fireplace and snapped her fingers. A roaring fire appeared and Darya clutched the amulet around her neck.

Closing her eyes, she repeated the incantations even though she knows that it will not do any good, she hoped just this once he will answer. It was been twenty years since she had laid eyes on her home. The Three had decimated it when they invaded and Darya doubted there was much of a home to go too.

“I don’t know why I keep calling you for you Elen. I know that you will not answer. On off the chance that you are listening, I want you to know that I am fine. No thanks to you of course. Some day if you decide to return I am going to make sure that you know what it feels like to have someone turn their back on you.”

Darya (Ready for Review) Saturn13
Signature by the one and only Luna!
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Sailor V
Senshi of Members
Sailor V
Senshi of Members

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Darya (Ready for Review) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Darya (Ready for Review)   Darya (Ready for Review) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 11:48 pm

Yay for fire users!! She seems really cool! Very Happy Approved!

Darya (Ready for Review) Vgift10
Siggie and avi by Puu! <3
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Sailor Saturn
Senshi of the Arts
Sailor Saturn
Senshi of the Arts

Posts : 1564
Join date : 2013-08-23
Age : 36
Location : Central NY

Darya (Ready for Review) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Darya (Ready for Review)   Darya (Ready for Review) I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 11:55 pm

Thank you! Very Happy 

Darya (Ready for Review) Saturn13
Signature by the one and only Luna!
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Darya (Ready for Review) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Darya (Ready for Review)   Darya (Ready for Review) I_icon_minitime

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Darya (Ready for Review)

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