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 Knight: Mamoru Chiba (Ready for Review)

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Sailor Saturn
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Senshi of the Arts

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PostSubject: Knight: Mamoru Chiba (Ready for Review)   Mon Sep 16, 2013 8:09 pm

General Information

Name: Mamoru Chiba, Prince Endymion, King Endymion
Age: 17-19
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 3rd


Mamoru: He is about 6’2’’ has black hair and deep blue eyes. He usually wears a black shirt, jeans and a green jacket. He wears black sunglasses. He also wears a yellow shirt with a purple color and trim. In the manga his left ear is pierced.

Tuxedo Mask: Black jacket, shoes, top hat, pants and a cape with red lining on the inside. He has a white shirt, gloves, vest and bowtie and mask that only cover his eyes. He has a medal on his lapel and gold buttons on his jacket. He has a red rose in his hand and he also had a cane.

Prince Endymion: The main part of his uniform is dark blue. The trim on the jacket, shoulders and belt are grey. He has a red cape and his boots go up to his knees. He also wears a sword.

King Endymion: Purple jacket and pants. The outside of his cape is purple and the inside lining are white. The trim on the lapel and the bottom of the sleeves are white. He also wears white gloves. His boots are purple. He has a white shirt, bowtie and vest. He also wears a white mask that only covers his eyes. There are two medals on his lapel and two under his bowtie. He also carries a sword.


At first Mamoru was antagonistic, especially towards Usagi. He often teased her and ridiculed her about her grades. His behavior was caused by him losing his parents and. As a result he had a difficult time opening up to others. Once he began to date Usagi, he developed a warm relationship with the rest of Senshi. He became protective of them, even with the Outer Senshi, even when they were reluctant. For example he defends Haruka when the other racers were trying to attack her. He has shown great patience and often offers advice to Usagi and the others. In anime he is more social than he is in the manga. In the manga he is more concerned about whether or not he is in the Senshi’s way and is worried about his true nature. He is very loving and encouraging towards Chibiusa. Mamoru likes to read and wants to be a doctor. His favorite subject is Physics. He also enjoys track and field.


Mamoru lost his parents in a car crash on his 6th birthday. As a result of the crash Mamoru suffers from amnesia, though his memories as Prince Endymion start to come through. He has dreams of Princess Serenity and is trying to figure out who she is. He suffers from headaches and transforms in Tuxedo Mask without being aware of it. In the manga he searches for the silver crystal because he believes that it will restore is memory. In the anime, Princess Serenity asks him to seek out the crystal. He did not get a long with Usagi at first, with them arguing back and forth. Mamoru briefly dates Rei before dating Usagi.

Mamoru loses his memories causing Usagi and An to fight over him. Once that situation was resolved, Mamoru began to have dreams that harm would come to Usagi if they stayed together so he broke things off. He later learns that King Endymion was testing them. He is also brainwashed by Queen Nehellenia and forgets Usagi again. Before he left for America, he gives Usagi an engagement ring. On his way to America he is attacked by Galaxia and his star seed is taken. He is saved in the in end by Sailor Moon. He marries and Usagi and they have their child Chibiusa.

Prince Endymion is the crown prince of Earth during the Silver Millennium. He lives in the Golden Kingdom. He falls in love with Princess Serenity, despite it being forbidden for people from Earth and the Moon to have contact with each other. He is killed by Beryl in the manga and by Metallia in the anime.

King Endymion is the husband of Neo-Queen Serenity and father of Chibiusa. He is the king of Crystal Tokyo. He helps the Inner Senshi against the Dead Moon Circus. He instructs Tuxedo Mask with the attack “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber”

Special Abilities

Mamoru has psychic powers in his civilian form as well as when he is Tuxedo Mask. In both the manga and the anime Mamoru has shown the ability of psychometry, being able to read the past present and future by touch. He also able to heal ones. Mamoru can also sense when Usagi has transformed into Sailor Moon. He also linked to Earth and he is affected when the Earth is attacked.  

Senshi/Villain/Knight Information

Senshi/Villain/Knight Name: Tuxedo Mask/Moonlight Knight


At first his transformations where spontaneous, triggered by Sailor Moon. When he became aware that he is Tuxedo Mask he is able to transform at will. He takes a rose out of his pocket and he transforms into Tuxedo Mask.  

Weapons or Items:

Roses: used as distractions, they can break solid objects, they can also deflect energy. They are red when he is Tuxedo Mask, Black when he is evil Prince Endymion and White as the Moonlight Knight.

Cane: Used in battle, similar to a sword. The cane was also able to extend.

Manga: Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber: A blast of energy fired from his hands and caused fatal damage

Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack: Performed with Chibi Moon while using the Pink Moon Stick

History as a Senshi/Villain/Knight

Tuxedo Mask woke up on his own through his dreams. In the manga he was portrayed as a jewel thief because he stole gems in his search for the Silver Crystal. Luna initially tells Sailor Moon not to trust him. When his identity is revealed Luna relents on her initial view of him and he becomes and ally of the Senshi. At first Mamoru has no recollection of being Tuxedo Mask.

Tuxedo Mask is often shown standing on poles and defying gravity. Tuxedo Mask helps the Senshi, offering them guidance and protects them. Tuxedo Mask also combines his powers at time with Sailor Moon and the Senshi. Through the power of the Silver Crystal, Tuxedo Mask was able to work with Sailor Moon to destroy Metallia. He also used his power with Sailor Moon to create her new scepter in the Infinity Arc. Helios reveals that as the prince of the Golden Kingdom, Tuxedo Mask possesses the Golden Crystal, the sailor crystal of Earth, showing again Tuxedo Mask’s role as a hero.

Moonlight Knight: When Usagi wished to be a normal girl Mamoru’s memory of being Tuxedo Mask is lost to him. He still felt the need to protect Usagi so his memories manifested as the Moonlight Knight. The Moonlight Knight was able to exist separate from Mamoru. He wore white Arabian robes, carried a saber and had white roses. The Moonlight Knight disappeared once Mamoru recovered his memories.  

RP Sample:Must be at least 500 words.

Mamoru exhaled and leaned against the door to his apartment. He could still hear Usagi and Rei arguing in the hallway. Bemused, he looked around his apartment. The damage was not as bad as it has been at times, but it will still take awhile before he was finished cleaning. The girls truly looked sorry for what had happened and what wanted to stay and help, but Mamoru simply smiled and it said it was fine.

The evening started out calmly, everyone was studying, even Usagi. Mamoru noticed that Ami seemed to struggling slightly with an equation. Mamoru could tell that she was on the right track but needed a little encouragement. The words had barely left his mouth when he noticed Usagi’s head perk up. Mamoru helped Ami while bracing for the impact. True to form, Usagi wedged herself in between Ami and himself, knocking over Ami’s tea in the process.

Mamoru gave Ami an apologetic look while Usagi asked for help. Ami gave him a strained smile and started to clean up the spilled tea. Rei who was on Usagi’s heels pointed out that she needed to learn to study on her own. That set Usagi off and when all was said and done it looked as though a tornado had gone through his apartment. It took Mamoru nearly half-hour to get his apartment back in order. He placed a book the Ami wanted to borrow but had left behind in the excitement, on his coffee table with note to drop it off to her.

He stopped in his kitchen to get something to drink when he noticed a small bag on the counter. Mamoru smiled as he picked it up. Usagi had tried to make meat buns yesterday and was so proud to present them to him. When he opened the bag Mamoru was pleasantly surprised, they looked delicious. When he took a bite, he quickly realized that the dough was not cooked enough. He could still taste flour and was certain that Usagi must have confused the salt with sugar. Still he ate every bite and loved watching her face light up.

Mamoru still had studying of his own to do but he was too tired and would have to wait for the morning. Though he enjoyed having Usagi and the others over, sometimes it was more excitement than he would prefer. Mamoru took a quick shower and settled down on the edge of his bed. There were twenty messages on his answering machine, Usagi no doubt. He hit play and listened to Usagi’s apologies and her tangent about a new manga that was coming out.

Smiling, he picked up the picture of himself, Usagi and Chibiusa off of his nightstand. It was taken the day before Chibiusa returned home. Mamoru knew that he would see Chibiusa again but he still missed her. He loved he dearly and was still taken aback at times that he had a daughter. There were times he thought that he would ever have family, worried that they would have a childhood that mirrored his. Then he met Usagi, true their relationship was not typical by any stretch of the imagination, but still he was grateful for every moment spent with her. Mamoru put the picture back on the nightstand and fell asleep to the comforting voice of his future wife.

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Chat Gardien de la Lune

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PostSubject: Re: Knight: Mamoru Chiba (Ready for Review)   Tue Sep 17, 2013 5:12 am


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Sailor Saturn
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Senshi of the Arts

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PostSubject: Re: Knight: Mamoru Chiba (Ready for Review)   Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:42 am

Thank you much!

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PostSubject: Re: Knight: Mamoru Chiba (Ready for Review)   

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Knight: Mamoru Chiba (Ready for Review)

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