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 Sailor Andromeda profile

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Sailor Andromeda
Founding Senshi
Founding Senshi

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PostSubject: Sailor Andromeda profile   Sat Sep 14, 2013 5:38 am

General Information

Name: Outai Tabibito
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 10

Appearance: 5'10", 150lbs, black hair pulled back into an intricate braid and tied with a black ribbon, forest green eyes, athletic build, fair skin, and usually wears her school uniform, or whatever is comfortable on the weekends. In her senshi form, her skirt and cape are golden, with a filmy black underskirt and pointed shoulder pads, black bands on her gloves, black ribbons, golden crescent moon and star symbols on her chest bow, the point of her black waist band, on her collar, and on her golden tiara. She wears black boots with golden laces and carries a staff taller than she is by a few inches, with a golden crescent moon lantern dangling from the top, which she uses to cast her spells.

Personality: Outai used to be upbeat and cheerful, much like Usagi, though better at school, but she has become very quiet and withdrawn. She also tends to be rather depressed, and her eyes often look sad enough to make others cry. She tends to come off as distant and aloof, though she does that to protect everyone. Those who are especially spiritually sensitive (IE Rei or Michiru) would be able to sense an aura of darkness warring with light around her.

History: Outai was born on a small planet in the Andromeda galaxy, one that was peaceful and full of creatures with incredible abilities. The deity they served - Holy, a conscious entity held in a stone - predicted that one day a great evil would come to destroy them, but a child would be born who could handle it's full power to destroy the evil. That evil came one day, when Outai - who had far outshone her parents, the strongest of those able to use Holy's power - was only one Earth year old. In her mother's last moments of sanity, she sent the child and her guardian - Moonstar Orion - away for her safety. However, the taint had touched the child, and the child carried it with her to Earth, where she and her guardian landed.
Moonstar - or Mooney - watched her grow up, adopted by a married couple who owned two hospitals and a medical supply company. By the time he got Holy to her - which he had taken with him when they left their home world - the taint had eaten away her soul. However, Holy was able to seal it away, and act as a surrogate soul for her, strangely keeping her personality and memories of Earth intact. Things were peaceful then.
One day, though, people started to attack each other without reason. Mooney recognized this new evil come to Earth, and awoke Outai as a sailor senshi by showing her his own memories of their world.

Special Abilities: Outai can heal wounds very well, now that she has awakened. She keeps it to herself, though - enough people call her weird as it is. She is also quite smart, though not as smart as Ami, and as a senshi she is very strong with her power, though it consumes a lot of energy.

Senshi/Villain/Knight Information

Senshi/Villain/Knight Name:
Transformation(s): Andromeday Galaxy Power, Make Up! Mostly a super transformation, with some adjustments.
Weapons or Items: A long staff with a crescent moon lantern on it.
Guardian (if needed): Moonstar Orion

History as a Senshi/Villain/Knight

Outai became Sailor Andromeda when Mooney gave her his memories of their home world, the power provided by Holy. The burden of those memories weigh her down spiritually, but she has taken up the fight against this new evil, and would give her life to save Earth. She screamed in agony when she obtained those memories and has had a rather grim attitude since. However, as depressed as she gets, she will not let Earth end as her planet did, which she blames herself for.

Other: Before being awakened, Outai was rather cheerful and outgoing. The burden of what she is has weighed her down considerably.

RP Sample: Andromeda had just viciously twisted the head of yet another of the new breed that had attacked her to a very unnatural angle - it still thrashed, though, not wanting to admit it was dead - when she noticed the others gathering around. Strangely, they began to glow in different colors. She didn't know that they could do that, only that they could share power.

She was concerned that their lack of fighting would put too much of a burden on Mooney, but it was necessary for the spell. Of course, he was way ahead of her. She no sooner thought this than a barrier came up around all of them, on which many of this new breed threw themselves, bouncing off like rubber balls only to try attacking again. At least, those who were not cut to pieces by what looked like wind, or impaled with spears of ice, were able to think that far. The rest just flailed around blindly.

She watched as the different colors seemed to meld into the two Moons, and the sheer power she could feel from them amazed her. She had had help from Sailor Moon once before, but the immense power she had felt then was nothing compared to this.

As she felt their power flowing into her, she began to glow herself. A golden crescent moon and star appeared on her forehead, glowing fiercely, enough to envelope her. What should have been blinding light was compressed into a very bright light that was almost impossible to see through. It did dim, after a moment, revealing Andromeda in a pure white gown of flowing silk, a golden crescent moon and star between her bosoms, with white silk scrunched beneath it and stretching over her chest. Anything below that flowed and fluttered in an invisible and un-felt breeze, and huge, silky white wings spread from her back.

She drifted above all the other senshi, and though she didn't know how she did it - she had Holy to blame for that - she somehow made the two Moons change to their own princess forms that she did not know they had. It was new to her, to see them in flowing gowns with circles of gold across the chest and a golden crescent moon on their foreheads, but she could not afford the attention for that.

Outai brought her hands up to her chest, palms facing each other, as if to surround the golden moon and star at her chest. A glowing light came from beneath that moon and star, soon forming into a pure white crystal in the shape of a star burst - what the other senshi would have sworn was a white version of the pure heart crystal - between her hands. It seemed to float there, unsupported by anything. She raised this crystal above her head, channeling all the power she could gather from them into it, while at the same time struggling against her own taint, which throbbed inside her now that Holy was not present inside her to keep it still.

She needed more power. As immense as this was, it was not enough. She could feel a crystal similar to her own inside the two Moons, and willed them to come out, to use their power. She created a buffer around the two Moons, should things go wrong, but she could not afford that buffer for anyone else. She had to take everything she could from them, even if it meant their life. She hated herself for it, but it was them or the world, and she would NOT lose the world. Not when she could save it. She knew that the outer senshi, at least, understood this. She knew of their determination. And thus she drew every last drop from them that she could, save from the small amount she left with the twin Moons.


Brilliant white light, brighter than anyone had ever seen before, filled the room, at least at first. It then spread to the Tower, and from there across Tokyo city. And yet it still grew. It grew to spread over the whole planet, covering it in a blinding white light, washing away the darkness that had begun to take over. She could feel it washing everything away. She could feel the peace it left behind, covering the whole world, and for the first time in months, she smiled.

And the crystal shattered in her hands, raining a glittering dust to the floor. The world went black.
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Chat Gardien de la Lune
Chat Gardien de la Lune

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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Andromeda profile   Sun Sep 15, 2013 1:33 pm

approved for multi story line use!

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Sailor Andromeda
Founding Senshi
Founding Senshi

Posts : 309
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Age : 32

PostSubject: Re: Sailor Andromeda profile   Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:24 am

awesome, thanks!
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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Andromeda profile   

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Sailor Andromeda profile

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