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 Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino

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PostSubject: Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino   Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 20, 2013 5:45 pm

General Information

Name: Makoto Kino
Gender: Female
Birthday: Dec. 5
Age: 14-18
Birthplace: Tokyo City Japan

Physical Description:

Makoto is a teenage girl, who unusually tall for her age, standing at about 5'6" (possibly or at least an inch or two taller in later seasons.) She has brown hair, that she usually keeps tied up in a ponytail with a hair tie with two little green balls, and green eyes. Like Usagi, her blood type is O. For the time she was a student at Juuban Municipal Junior High School, she wore a different school uniform since Juuban's did not fit.  It has a long  light brown skirt, a white shirt with a light brown sailor color with 2 stripes, which when coupled with her curly hair, was a common visual cue for a tough or delinquent girl at the time the series was created. However, unlike these delinquent girls, her wavy hair is natural. Despite her tough appearance, she is very gentle. She always wears pink rose earrings and a green hair tie that decorates her ponytail.
Her High School uniform has a navy sailor collar and red stripes. Her bow on the front of her uniform is navy with blue sleeves, red stripes(like her collar) and a white top. Her skirt is a blue pleated skirt that comes to her knees. Her shoes are black flats.

She can be seen jeans, t-shirts and other tomboyish clothes. She also likes to wear skirts and other more feminine clothing too. She is more often seen in greens and pinks.

Princess Jupiter-
During the Silver Millennium, she was the ruler of the planet Jupiter and was given the duty to protect Princess Serenity. She wore a green strap dress with two green roses at the hips. The dress is very long and has a split starting from the little green rose on the left side. She has a green choker and a green ribbon with a red rose in the center in her hair. During her time as a Princess she dwelt in Io Castle.

One of the most consistent characters across the many versions of the series, Makoto is always depicted as simultaneously the most masculine and most feminine of the younger Senshi. She is strong and tall and practices martial arts and other sports such as basketball and ice skating, but at the same time is rather busty and is excellent at arts and crafts, cleaning, cooking, dancing especially ballet, and gardening (when Makoto and Usagi first meet in the anime she beats up bullies—and then offers Usagi delicious homemade riceballs). Her most closely held dream is to get married and own a cake and flower shop, and she loves romance novels, shopping, and video games. Her favorite class is home economics and her least favorite is physics. After entering high school, she also joins the cooking and gardening clubs. She likes all foods, but especially cherry pie, and meatloaf, her favorite colors are green and pink, her favorite flower is roses, and her favorite gemstone is emerald. She loves horses and tropical fish and hates cheaters.
Makoto's strong, independent personality is hinted at in her most striking physical feature—her unusual height. She is stated at her first appearance in the series to be very tall, and considerable notice is taken in the Japanese versions, although this trait is downplayed in English translations (as her relative height is not all that uncommon in most Europeans). She is also physically very strong, and in fact was rumored to have been kicked out of her previous school for fighting. She is introduced to the series after transferring to Azabu Jūban Junior High, where Usagi and Ami are students, and where she stands out all the more because her school uniform is different from everyone else's; unable to find anything in her size, her school's administration tells her to wear her old one.

Makoto is portrayed as unusually strong for a teenage girl, but like the other Sailor Senshi, she must transform in order to gain access to her celestial powers. She transforms into a Sailor Senshi by raising a special device (pen, bracelet, wand, or crystal) into the air and shouting a special phrase, originally "Jupiter Power, Make-up!" As she becomes more powerful and obtains new transformation devices, this phrase changes to evoke Jupiter Star, Planet, or Crystal Power.
In the manga, Sailor Jupiter's first named attack is Flower Hurricane, which is immediately followed by calling down lightning. Emphasis is quickly placed upon her electric-based powers, and these are the norm in all versions of the series. Her primary attack for the first story arc and most of the second is Supreme Thunder, for which she calls down lightning from the sky with a tiny lightning rod that extends from the stone on her tiara (or, in the live-action series, with her leg). Although she channels this power, she is not immune to its effects, and can use her body to focus the electricity in a suicide move. It is upgraded twice for one-off attacks in the anime series: once to Supreme Thunder Dragon, and much later to Super Supreme Thunder.
In the second story arc Sailor Jupiter gains Sparkling Wide Pressure, which, aside from a manga-only power called Jupiter Coconut Cyclone, remains her primary attack for the rest of the second story arc, all of the third, and much of the fourth. When she takes on her second Senshi form (Super Sailor Jupiter in the anime), she acquires a special item, a wreath of oak leaves, which is described in the manga as "the emblem of thunder and lightning." It appears in her hair and enables her to use Jupiter Oak Evolution.
Sailor Jupiter's earrings, large pink roses, are occasionally significant. She wears them in both her Senshi and civilian forms, and can use them as a projectile weapon if she needs to. When they first meet in the manga, Usagi thinks the roses have a nice fragrance, and late in the anime the sight of them brings her back from temporary memory loss because it reminds her of Tuxedo Mask.[40] Much more important, in the manga, are the Jupiter Crystal and Leaves of Oak. The former is Makoto's Sailor Crystal and the source of all of her power, which becomes especially important in the fifth story arc.

Her domestic talents are explained as a deliberate effort to overcome her tomboyishness. In the live-action series she enjoys shopping, but eschews "girly" things (she can be seen shopping for basketball shoes in one scene, for instance); she cooks, but also physically overpowers bullies; she reorganizes her home, but does so with a sledgehammer. She insists that she is not the least bit feminine, and seems surprised and touched when someone tells her she is.
This dual nature comes from a need to be self-sufficient: in the manga continuity her parents died in a plane crash when she was very young and she has since then looked after herself. She is self-sufficient almost to a fault, and becomes extremely nervous anytime an airplane passes overhead. In the anime, Makoto lives alone, but it is never explicitly stated that her parents are dead—in the English adaptation, she says she cannot take care of a cat because her mother is allergic—and later in the series she is shown boarding an airplane without any mention of fear. In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Makoto's parents' death is told in a flashback in Act 6, but how they died is not mentioned.
Makoto has at least one former boyfriend; the importance of this subplot, as well as her level of obsession with cute men, varies wildly between adaptations. Fans of the anime typically have a perception of Makoto as extremely boy-crazy; a recurring gag is her obsession with people who look like the older classmate (sempai) who once broke her heart (unnamed except in the English dub, where he is called Freddy). In the manga, her "sempai" is mentioned only once or twice, and in the live-action drama is an integral part of why Makoto feels she needs to be alone. In each version, there are mentions of other men who were very briefly a part of her life. Makoto is generally attracted to Motoki Furuhata, especially in the anime, but only in the live-action show do they become close. By the end of the direct-to-DVD Special Act, they are engaged to be married.
One quirk of Makoto's was made famous among English-speaking fans due to the translation of a particular anime scene. The girls are arguing over which of them should play the part of Snow White in a play. In Japanese, Makoto insists that she would be best for the role because she has the largest breasts. In the English adaptation, she still points at her chest, but states instead that she has the most "talent." As a reference to this, anime fans occasionally use the term "talented" as a euphemism for "busty."

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Jupiter, Super Sailor Jupiter, Eternal Sailor Jupiter
Senshi Fuku:
Sailor Jupiter's  dominant color was green (tiara gem, choker, collar, center of front bow, elbow fittings of gloves, skirt, and boots) and her accent color was pink (earrings, front bow, and back bow). Her earrings (which carried over from her civilian state) were pink roses, her collar had two white stripes placed close together, and she wore ankle-high lace-up boots.
After the "Super" upgrade (SuperS, Stars), her choker had a yellow star attached to it, her collar had one white stripe, the center of her front bow became a green heart, the bottom of the shoulder pads was translucent, and the back waist bow was enlarged and lengthened.
After the last upgrade in the Stars arc, her choker was V-shaped and the center of her front bow was a green five-pointed star. Her shoulder pads were large light green puffs with two patches of green fabric attached to the bottom. Her gloves became longer, reaching to her upper arms. In artbook illustrations, she had green V-shaped wristbands with golden five-pointed stars on them, but they were not present in the manga. Her belt consisted of two ribbons, one green and one light green, with two long, thin back ribbons, clipped together by a golden five-pointed star. Her back bow was light green. Her skirt became two-layered, the top layer being green and the bottom layer light green. Her boots were knee-length and white, and each had a green V-shaped border with a five-pointed star at the top. Her tiara gem was a green five-pointed star and her earrings were green, dangling five-pointed stars.

Transformation Line:
Jupiter Power, Make Up - Used her first transformation pen to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up - Used her Star Power Stick to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up - Used her Crystal Change Rod to transform into the super version of Sailor Jupiter.


Jupiter Power, Make Up - Used her first transformation pen to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up - Used her Star Power Stick to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
Jupiter Planet Power, Make Up - Used the planet powers granted to her by Neo-Queen Serenity to transform into Sailor Jupiter.
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up - Used her Jupiter Crystal to transform into a super version of Sailor Jupiter.

Flower Hurricane - Sailor Jupiter created flurries of flower blossoms that she used to blind or agitate her opponent.
Jupiter Thunderbolt - Sailor Jupiter's attack in the reprint of the manga, similar in appearance to Supreme Thunder.
Supreme Thunder - Sailor Jupiter's first attack. She sent bolts of electricity that were collected by her tiara.
Supreme Thunder Dragon - A more powerful version of Supreme Thunder that was in the shape of a dragon.
Sparkling Wide Pressure - Sailor Jupiter's upgraded attack that first appeared in the R season. A ball of electricty was thrown from her hands.
Super Supreme Thunder - A more powerful version of Supreme Thunder. This attack was only used once, in episode 147.
Jupiter Oak Evolution - Sailor Jupiter's attack that first appeared in the SuperS season. She sent balls of energy at her opponent. Unlike previous attacks which had an electricity basis in tune with her association with the Roman God of Thunder, Jupiter, this attack matches with the association of trees  in the Japanese writing of the planet Jupiter.

Weapons or Magical Items:
The Thunder and Lightning Antenna is an antenna that is attached to Sailor Jupiter's tiara and was used in all continuations of the series. This antenna would carry out some of her attacks. It functions and looks like a lightning rod. It is also golden.

Rose Belt-The belt had a gold chain with pink beads and had an attached translucent spherical container which held rose petal potpourri.

RP Sample: 100 word minimum. Please use the character you're currently applying for in this.

Makoto looked around. The cost was clear. She signaled the others to go forward. They would have to act fast if they were going to get 'the package' out of site. She slid around the corner, and in her line of site was Usagi. Grinning she made the hand signal to stop to the others. She darted forward and then when Usagi turned around, Makoto grabbed her and threw her hand other the blonde's mouth. With little trouble, Makoto picked up the smaller blonde and ran away with her. Leaving her parents smiling and waving at her. She grinned back at them. This was going to be the best night ever. The other had the blind fold ready and the got the cloth over Usagi's eyes. Suppressing giggles, they made their way to the party hall.
Rolling up to the hall, they man handled a still struggling Usagi out of the van, they had rented just for tonight. Haruka helped Makoto carry the bride to be to her bachelorette party.
Setting the guest of honor in the chair in the center of the room, they scattered and turned down the lights. "What in the world is going on!?" Usagi screamed taking the blind fold off.

"SURPRISE!!" they screamed, jumping out from their hiding places.

Laughing Makoto walked over to Usagi and hugged her. "You didn't really think you could get married with out a bachelorette party did you?" They had one heck of a time as the celebrated. Of course no one told Mamoru about the party...
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Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino

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